Cold Front Moving Across Arizona

It’s going to get cold for a few days.

Arizona Named the Most Pro-Life State in the Nation

On Friday, President Trump proclaimed Monday, January 22 as the National Sanctity of Human Life Day.

Arizona's PSPRS Dilemma

The History Behind Arizona's Public Safety Personnel Retirement System, How The Fund Was Hurt After Financial Downturns and How It Has Affected The Various Cities in Arizona.
Prescott is a Nature Lover’s paradise. Really. And that includes the surrounding the communities. 

Small Gas Price Drop in Arizona

Arizona, AZ, July 3- Average retail gasoline prices in Arizona have fallen 0.5 cents...

Gas Prices Rise 1.6¢ in Arizona

As expected, Arizona gas prices are going up, but not as much as the national average.
Arizona is near the top of states for job growth.
All across the country, people are fiddling with their clocks.
The Fab 42 Site Will Cost $7 Billion and Bring as Many as 10,000 Jobs to the State
Results Help Share Future Trail, Safety and Education Effort
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