High Tech Grilling

06 July 2017   CompuTime and Kristina Abbey
Did you know that grills have gone high tech?

Summer has arrived and with summer comes outdoor fun. Pool parties, holiday gatherings, and best of all, barbeques!  We love our barbeques, there’s just something about cooking outdoors, the smell of smoke wafting on the air, and the warm summertime temperatures that makes barbequing extra fun.

Now imagine, barbequing high tech! A propane tank that monitors your fuel levels, a solar powered cooler, or even a flameless lighter! All these items are real and available to the home griller who also loves high tech gadgets.


Let’s start with the big deal, the main star of outdoor grilling. The grill. Not just any old grill but high tech grills tricked out with the coolest technology that results in the most mouth-watering, perfectly cooked meat you’ll ever produce on a grill. 

There are a few different high tech grills already out on the market, these easy-to-set up grills only need to be hooked up to the Wi-Fi, get hooked up to a fuel source (gas line or propane depending on the grill) and plugged in to an electrical source and they are pretty much ready to go!

The grills themselves are set up very similar to standard grills with burners, the grill, lids, and spots to hook up fuel. Even the control panel is similar but there are some notable and really cool differences. The smart grills vary from brand-to-brand in exactly what is offered but they include the power button, an ignite button (no lighters needed for these grills), some even offer a propane tank level monitor, and have ports for temperature probes.

Now this is where grilling with these beauties really gets high tech. The smart grill can offer voice recognition software, so you can talk to your grill! Plus the different models have smart phone or tablet friendly apps for both iOS and Android devices. Depending on the grill, features include the ability to turn the grill on, monitoring the temperature, and make adjustments when needed. Some have cook time notifications and notifications when to flip or when your meat is finished cooking. When you just getting started, the grill app will notify you when the grill is hot enough to cook. When you are finished cooking, the grill will notify you when it is cool enough to cover it up.

Need a little help knowing exactly how to cook the type of meat? That little app has a menu feature that gives exact guidance on cooking a piece of meat to perfection. Plus, some grill aps have a recipe feature with recipes other users of the same grill have entered. Not only do you get to cook high tech, you gain some fantastic new recipes in the process. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Flameless Lighters

Sticking with a regular grill but love those nifty unique gadgets? An easy and really cool high tech gadget now on the market is the flameless lighter. This tool quickly ignites charcoal or wood. No need for nasty chemicals on the charcoal or wood, this beauty uses super-heated air to ignite. No matches? No problem.

High Tech Coolers

Part of cooking out is having lots of refreshing and tasty beverages. Keeping those beverages cold is important, it’s not exactly pleasant eating your burger with a lukewarm drink. Using a high tech cooler can be a great way to keep your beverages frosty cold, plus you save money with the different features these coolers have!

Beverage Chiller: This cooler is not your standard cooler but rather works to cool your drinks quickly. It rapidly chills cans 40 times faster than a freezer and 10 times faster when chilling wine. Bonus, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up any nasty carbonated beverage explosions. 

Coolers: Keeping your drinks cold just went high tech and energy smart! These coolers offer a variety of features including solar panels to power the cooler, USB ports, Bluetooth speakers, and even a blender on the top. Margaritas anyone?

Smart Thermometers

Grilling has never been easier with the use of smart thermometers. These thermometers hook to an app on your smart phone and uses a wired probe to measure the temperature of a piece of meat while it’s cooking. The thermometer will broadcast the temperature to your smartphone up to 150 feet away. Some thermometer apps will also allow you to set up a notification to let you know when your food is done cooking.


Grilling is a fun summertime activity for many and the ability to cook well can be a crucial part of the success of those outdoor meals. Having great tools can make grilling easy and fun. High tech grilling has many accessories that aid in efficient and tasty barbequing. 

Propane App: There are smartphone apps that connect your propane gauge to your phone. This app sends updates of propane levels to your smartphone. No more running out of fuel, you’ll always know how much propane you have left.

BBQ Fan: A high tech fan might be handy as well, this BBQ fan eliminates the need for fluid on your charcoal. Instead it provides the right amount of air on the charcoal and speeds up cooking time by regulating air flow as needed.

Grill Brush: The after barbeque clean-up has just gotten easy…and high tech. Grillbot cleans your grill grates for you, think Roomba but for the grill. No need to watch it work, when the bot is done the Grillbot will let you know with an LCD alarm.

CompuTime, an independently owned local business, is all about using high tech gadgets. We find innovative and interesting technology to be not only important in business but also in our day-to-day lives. While we can’t claim to be experts in grilling, we do have experts in computer, copier, and telecom repair. If you ever find yourself in need of help, just give CompuTime a call.