Savvy Businesses Use QR Codes To Attract & Inform Customers

12 July 2011   Mary Hawkes
Be “Quick” and Keep Your Business Savvy and Up to Speed with QR Codes

qrcodecvenews(Prescott, AZ – July 8, 2011) Quick Response codes (QR codes), can help promote and grow a business. From magazine ads to store windows, QR codes can entice tech-savvy customers to a business website or promotion. BBB offers some “quick” tips for businesses considering implementing QR codes for their business.

QR codes are similar to bar codes utilized to track inventory in stores, except they are able to hold larger amounts of data due to their formatting, which allows consumers to connect to digital content in seconds. These codes also provide a fun and innovative way to lure customers from around the globe.

By simply downloading a free QR code reader app, a code can be read quickly by a smartphone. A business can use a QR code to show information such as directions to their location, their company’s BBB Business Review or link to a coupon. Businesses can include QR codes in promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, storefronts and business cards to provide customers instant access to company information.

“QR codes are a business-savvy way to attract customers,” said Matthew Fehling, BBB President/CEO. “You can get creative by placing the QR code in your email signature, allowing the viewer to scan the code and go directly to your website. The code can also contain contact information, making it easy for the viewer to add it to his or her own cell phone.”

BBB offers the following “quick” tips for businesses considering the use of QR codes:

Use QR codes to attract a targeted consumer base. Many businesses are using windows, paper advertisements, business cards, email signatures, shirts, mugs, ties and other products to display QR codes. Some are even using the codes for promotional contests allowing for a creative way to entice customers.

Many sites offer a free QR code generator that produces a code that can be easily duplicated and used as a template. Once a code is generated, a QR code reader application is needed to decipher its content. A QR code reader application typically uses a camera to scan the code and link it to data.

Consider using QR analytics. Take advantage of the analytics offered through QR codes to track the effectiveness of code specific initiatives.

Use caution in accessing QR codes from unfamiliar businesses. As with any other website, you should never use a QR code that will link to a website you don’t trust. Make sure that the website is reputable and that the QR code is found in a trustworthy place. Like any other malicious website, QR codes can potentially direct you to a harmful website that can ultimately lead to a virus infiltration on your smartphone.

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