It's the Launch of eNews Reports

02 January 2015  
We are delighted to announce the launch of the eNews Report - a daily newsletter ensuring you stay on top of local, statewide and national news. 

Life gets busy - we understand. Sometimes that means you miss the daily news because you're busy working through the daily grind. 

The eNews Report is a round up of local, state, national and international news, designed to help you quickly catch up on what's happening. But, it's more than just a rehash of headlines. It also contains a quick commentary that you won't get anywhere else, not even on the eNewsAZ network. 

The eNews Report is published Monday - Friday, and is delivered each morning to your email box. 

Subscribers will also be first to know of special offers, giveaways and freebies they can take advantage of, including advance notice of exclusive events and meet'n'greets.

Over time, new features will be added, but we promise to keep in mind your busy schedule and your need for a quick & easy news review.

The cost for the eNews Report is just $10 per month. Sign up for 6 months for only $55. Get 12 months for the price of 10, by signing up for a year at $100.

Monthly: $10


Bi-Annual $55


Annual: $100



Lynne LaMaster