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Tom's Print Shop - He's There For You, Really

20 September 2010  
There's no need to order your printing projects from Phoenix or even Prescott. Tom can do it all right here in Chino Valley.

tomprintshop1You need a new flier made, and you need it, like, yesterday, because you forgot to send in the order last week and the meeting is tomorrow.

Your boss has gotten this crazy idea that he wants to have his car wrapped.

You need to help find sponsors for a non-profit spaghetti dinner placemat, and of course, that needs to be printed up, too.

You've changed your company logo and now you need a new sign for your business, but the budget is tight.

You might think that your only chance of getting all these things done is to go to Prescott or, even worse, Phoenix. But, you'd be wrong. Because Chino Valley is home to the most versatile printshop in the quad city area, Tom's Print Shop.

Tom Payne is the owner, and he can do all the above and much, much more. And since almost every job is done on site, it is less expensive and faster than just about anywhere else you can go. He does t-shirts, too, as he explained, "Someone can have a specialty shirt for a special occasion within an hour."

Tom kind of smiled when he told a story of having a chamber mixer in the shop. While everyone was there, he took a photo, and within 20 minutes he had a banner to hang showing the event.


magnetsBesides the fact that it's nice to do business with local merchants, there's another benefit to getting your printing projects done by Tom's Print Shop - Tom will do everything he can to help your project be the very best it can be. He's creative - just look at the blackjack tables he did for the Chamber of Commerce. He's resourceful - he'll help you figure out how to reuse your banner from year to year, saving money for your business or organization. He's experienced - so he knows what it takes to get the job done right. He's got a great reputation - so he can help you connect with the right groups to make your event go off smoothly. He's generous - he supports non-profits and participates in community organizations.

Tom's heart and soul is in this town, and he's not planning to go anywhere soon.

With all that, it's not at all surprising that Tom's Print Shop has been the ruling Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year for 2010.

You can call them at 636.4266, or send an email with your file attachments to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Be sure to include your return phone number in case there are any questions.


Lynne LaMaster

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