Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster

Education Funding Tele-Townhall With Gov Ducey Thursday Night

Governor Doug Ducey tonight will hold a tele-townhallwith Arizonans focused on his plan to put $1.8 billion in new money into K-12 schools. 

Glendale Votes to Cancel Arizona Coyotes Contract

After Glendale voted to cancel the Coyotes contract, the Mayor issued a statement. 

Prescott Circle Trail Celebration

After 25 years with multi-agency/multi-organization cooperation, it’s time to celebrate the Prescott Circle Trail’s completion.

A New $20 Bill?

If a popular Internet campaign is successful, your $20 bill just might have a new face on it. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is a day to celebrate Moms.

Haggens: New Store, Fresh Produce, Familiar Faces

Haggen is coming to the Prescott area, and by all appearances, will fit quite nicely into the community. 

Creating Great Images for the Web & How to Submit Articles

We love citizen reporters at eNewsAZ.

Arizona Gives Day is Next Week

Tuesday, April 7, is Arizona Gives Day, an opportunity for people to donate to their favorite Arizona non-profit online. 

10 Safety Tips For Traveling With Kids On Vacation

Ever take a bunch of kids on a road trip?
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