Celebrate National Comic Book Day

25 September 2012  
Read a comic book today!

It's here. The day you've all been waiting for.

Yes, today is National Comic Book Day. That's what Holiday Insights proclaims, although they admit on their site, "We found no factual information about this special day. But,we believe this is one of the more enjoyable of all special days. We did not find any documentation confirming this to be a 'National' day. We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation."

Ok, so perhaps it's not officially National Comic Book Day. But, it's still fun. Check out Mancave Daily, which has offered 10 Great Ways to Celebrate National Comic Book Day.

According to the American Women section of the Library of Congress, "Comic books began as a popular, relatively inexpensive American art form in the 1930s and have continued to flourish today...

The first woman superhero, Wonder Woman, appeared in All Star Comics, no. 8, in December 1941 (Comics box 13a, and Comics micro-fiche) in a nine-page story of the Amazon princess Diana who nursed American Captain Steve Trevor back to health following an airplane crash. She debuted as the lead character in the inaugural issue of Sensation Comics (Comics box 329a-29b), arriving in the United States with Captain Trevor. Her creator, Dr. William Moulton Marston, a psychologist, who took the pen name of Charles Moulton, wanted Wonder Woman to be a role model for young girls of the 1940s and created a strong, self-reliant, and confident female superhero. In contrast, Marge's Little Lulu (Comics box 206a-6c), a comic book based on the Saturday Evening Post cartoon character, captured children's ingenuity and adult absurdity... Strong villains and heroines, such as those in Planet Comics (Comics box 282), appeared during World War II and represented women's contributions to the war effort. Such comic books existed side by side with Canteen Kate (Comics box 56b) and Wartime Romances (Comics box 426a)."

Perhaps one of the best known brands is Marvel Comics. If you want anyone from Spider Man, to the Hulk, to Captain America, Marvel Comics is the place to go for Super Heroes. As a matter of fact, you may not have known that the Marvel site has weekly podcasts you can download and listen to for free. How cool is that? While you're there, download the computer wallpaper, and your comic appetite should be deliciously sated.

Just in time, today is the date Marvel will release The Avengers on Blue-ray.

And of course, on YouTube you can watch videos of your favorite Comic Book Super Heroes. Anyone remember this?

Ahh, can't leave you without Part II. Click here.

Lynne LaMaster