DelHousaye: The Good Guys Win

13 November 2012  
It's no time to panic, Dr. Darryl DelHousaye says. God's purposes will not be thwarted.

KGCB Station Manager Sally Barton had an interview with Dr. Darryl DelHousaye Monday afternoon to discuss with him the conference on Revelation that he's leading here in Prescott. KGCB, as our readers may know, is the 'Great Christian Broadcasting' radio station located here in Prescott near Costco. What may not be known, is that KGCB has the most extensive reach in northern Arizona of any FM radio station, broadcasting to two-thirds of the state.

"We're the number one station, not Christian, we are the number one station in Arizona for women 34-54," Barton explains. "We're heard from north of Flagstaff, to south of Phoenix, into the Verde Valley, and we have a translator in Wickenberg. So, all of west Phoenix hears us, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise... We're kind of like the best known secret around."

Revelation is not often considered the easiest book in the Bible to understand. Yet, Dr. DelHousaye finds that the message is real and relevant to today's world. He's taking four days to dig into the pages of this final book in the Christians' Holy Bible. With over 1000 people in attendance, it's easy to tell DelHousaye has something of interest to say.

Barton conducted her interview, asking about the messages which related to the family in Revelation, especially in the letters to the Churches. That interview can be heard on KGCB, aka Radio Shine.

But, Revelation is primarily considered a prophetic book. One that foretells what will happen. And many evangelicals in our country today are anxious over the results of the latest election. God's real president, they reason, surely cannot be President Obama.

But, DelHousaye doesn't agree with that. He says that kind of thinking is embarrassing. When asked to explain, he replied,

"It's an interesting thing. There was a study made, not too long ago, viewing how the culture of the world, our culture, views Christianity. And its been quoted by some Christians that Evangelicals are viewed one step above prostitutes, second from the bottom," DelHousaye says ruefully. "And yet what they forget to tell you, if you look at the top of the most respected people in the culture - I think the top one was military officers. But the second or third one were Christians. Interesting, Evangelicals were viewed very poorly, but Christians were viewed very highly, which tells me that people who have had a personal relationship with Christians, that's different. Because the 'Evangelical' label has labelled us more politically. So, it looks like Evangelicals are always angry, always black or white and has no compassion. Or the pain and suffering of people, and yet that's why I don't like being called an Evangelical. Just call me a Christian."

"My view of the election is very simple," DelHousaye continues. "Daniel chapter 2 says very clearly that God establishes kings and He removes kings. So there is no question, no question, that our President Barack Obama is God's choice and God's vessel to lead our country the next four years. And that God will accomplish His purposes through that man. Now, I don't know what God's purposes are. I do know that Job chapter 40, verse 2 says that the purposes of God will not be thwarted - I like that word, 'thwarted' - but will prevail and that they are driven by God's wisdom. So, we as Christians, should be the last people ever afraid of the purposes of God. No matter who God is going to use to accomplish those purposes. So, I do believe that we Christians need to stop viewing ourselves as a majority, you know that somehow we run the country. The reality is that we better start viewing ourselves as a remnant. More like the times of Elijah."

DelHousaye then related the quick version of the story of Elijah. "Remember when Elijah, the whole country was going towards Baal, Elijah thought he was the only one. You remember he went through the whole testing. The thing that's interesting, you remember when Elijah thought he was all alone, weeping under the tree, remember, after God says, "Here. Take a nap, here's a little food, now we'll talk," He says, "C'mon Elijah. I have 7,000 that have not forsaken Me." So I think we Christians need to view ourselves as a remnant. And as a remnant, looking for God's purposes through our president. If there's ever a time we need to be praying for wisdom, it's now."

DelHousaye is strongly convinced that God has not lost His grip on history, and on the world, and on our countries as they are today. But, how can he say that in today's world, when a lot of worrisome things are happening?

He smiled as he responded thoughtfully. "Well, to me, that's what the whole Book of Revelation is about, DelHousaye said. "God says, "Fine, let Me give you a chance to take a look at how the age, how the Sovereign plan will actually work out. He could have kept it a mystery and say, 'Well, just trust me.' How many times do we do that? 'Just trust me. I know what I'm doing.' But, apparently God knows that we have a hard time - especially those folks, during the first century, were going through a lot of horrible suffering. Their world felt like the world was falling apart, not just economically, they were just being killed and slaughtered - And yet, Jesus apparently realized, 'You know, I need to let these folks know how the Sovereign plan will unfold and not be mysterious about it." And so, I think the whole book of Revelation is the fact that the good guys win."

DelHousaye explains that as humans, we all have a need for the right to prevail. "And this deep, deep sense of justice that every one of us has, from birth, it will be resolved. It's interesting, Solomon, in his personal journal, which we call Ecclesiastes… here's Solomon, he's now an old man. The guy has had everything anybody would ever dream you'd ever want to have. You know riches, a thousand wives, excuse me, a thousand women in his life, only three hundred of them were wives. But the fact is, now, at the end of his life, he writes his journal. I would kind of be interested in what this guy has to say. The very last two verses of his journal, in Ecclesiastes chapter 12, he says, "Just remember this. You know, obey God, and realize that every action will be judged. That which was good, and that which was bad." And I believe the wisdom is saying that down deep in our soul, every human being on earth, desires justice. And again, I think we would go mad, if we would realize that justice would never prevail. And I think that God wants us to know, that no, He is a God of justice, and everything that's wrong, will be made right, and everything that's right, will be rewarded. And that's when He gave us the book of Revelation. The good guys win at the end. So we can take a breath and not panic."

But, not everyone in our community shares the same faith. So, what does the book of Revelation have to say to those that are not Christians?

"I think the book of Revelation is a wonderful gift of mercy," DelHousay responded. "It is the fact that, for one thing, if I came to you, and just punched you in the face, without any kind of warning, what an unmerciful, horrible thing to do. But, if I gave you warning, upon warning, upon warning, told you exactly what I was going to be doing, what you need to do to not come under that judgment, that's mercy. And so, the book of Revelation, it's been around since AD 95, talk about warning and warning and it's not a warning to discourage, but a warning to draw people to God's love and mercy."

He concluded, "It comes down to this. The gospel is basically this. We've all sinned. All our sin needs to be judged. And so, I have one choice. Either I can let my sin be judged when God judged His Son on the cross, or I can take it myself. And reject and refuse the provision of God's forgiveness in His Son. So, either - it's kind of like they say, 'Pay me now, or pay me later,' - it boils down to, either I'm going to go ahead and let my judgment be in Christ at the cross, 2000 years ago, and thus accept God's provision for my forgiveness, or I'm just going to go ahead and believe I can pull it off on my own. And that's the warning that Revelation is - you don't want to go there."

DelHousaye's final session is tonight at 6 pm. He calls it "The End to a Beginning" and he'll be talking about Revelation chapters 16 - 22.

What: Our King is Coming Conference

When: 6 PM Tuesday night

Where: Heights Church

Cost: Free

Lynne LaMaster