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British Invasion at Tim's Toyota Center

11 August 2013  
Photo Courtesy of Matt Santos/MSP
It was a night for rockers of all ages. 

Long debated questions- Dogs or cats? Boxers or briefs?

Stones or Beatles?

Rockers of all ages got a chance to answer one of those questions when Rolling Stones tribute band "Jumping Jack Flash" rocked out against rival British invasion group and Beatles tribute band "Abbey Road".

The August 10 show at Tim's Toyota Center in Prescott Valley was billed as "Beatles vs. Stones- A Musical Shoot-Out" drew a good crowd to the sectioned off west end of TTC, with party goers encouraged to come down to the dance floor at the foot of the stage.

After enthusiastic sets by both groups, fans were treated to a Mega Set when Abbey Road was joined on stage by Jumping Jack Flash for a battle royal.

So who won? The fans, of course.

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Matt Santos