Did You Know? Today is Bible Day

12 November 2017
November 12 is the official International Day of the Bible.

The Bible it’s a collection of texts - also known in modern vernacular as ‘Books of the Bible’ - written by ancient Jewish and Christian writers. Many Christians consider these to be a product of divine inspiration that records the relationship between God and man.  

Today, with the Internet, we think of communicating across the world as something to be grasped and celebrated. That was Martin Luther’s goal, too, when he translated the Bible into German. Luther wanted people to be able to have a Bible in their homes and to read it for themselves, something that had never yet been achieved. Through Luther's efforts, the Bible was translated into German. According to Christianity Today, "It was the first time a mass medium had ever penetrated everyday life. Everyone read Luther's new Bible or listened to it being read. Its phrasing became the people's phrasing, its speech patterns their speech patterns. So universal was its appeal, and so thoroughly did it embrace the entire range of the German tongue, that it formed a linguistic rallying point for the formation of the modern German language.” 

Now, of course, the Bible has been read across the world. Wycliffe  an organization focused entirely on translating the Bible, states that much progress has been made since Luther’s work in 1521, yet more work remains.

Of course, as with almost everything in our modern times, there’s an app for the Bible. It’s created by YouVersion, and you can download it for free. YouVersion suggests, "Wherever you are at noon (your local time) on November 12th, take time to read or listen to passages from the Bible together with friends. Share the verses that encourage or inspire you on social media, and use the hashtag #BibleCelebration to help your Friends and followers discover this special day.” 

It’s just another way to spread the Word - as Martin Luther envisioned way back in 1521.

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