Why the North Connector May be a Good Idea - Safety a Major Concern

06 March 2017
Public Comment Period Has Been Moved to April 8th

Earlier today, we published an article by the opponents of the “North Connector”, a road study looking at routes to connect Williamson Valley and Chino Valley.

We contacted Supervisor Brown, Yavapai County Board of Supervisors and asked him to clarify what the North Connector Road study is all about. Below are his comments in an email to PrescotteNews.com:

"The “North Connector” is a traffic study which began as far back as 1999 during the preliminary plat for Talking Rock subdivision. It became part of the County Regional Transportation Study in 2006. A defined route was not identified.
In 2013 this Study became a point of discussion because of the Dolce Fire and the lack of egress routes from the area in the event of a major occurrence. Ingress and egress for law enforcement and fire units would be limited if Outer Loop Road was closed and only northbound and southbound Williamson Valley Rd. existed and also could be effected. Safety was the major concern.

A routine Traffic Study was initiated by County Public Works in 2014 to determine traffic frequency and pattern at Outer Loop and Williamson Valley Rd. This report demonstrated a need for an improved intersection and additional consideration for increased traffic pattern flow. Again Safety was the primary concern.

An advanced engineering study was requested by the Board Supervisors to identify possible routes to Chino Valley from Williamson Valley. Safety and emergency response were the primary concern of any road project. In this case we are seeing continuing growth and requests for emergency services continues to grow. Someday these services and those from commercial business will need an additional route to Williamson Valley, however, no current plan for development of a new connector is anticipated because of the lack of any funding and other county priorities.

I personally do not see this project proceeding for at least ten years and probably more into the future.

Let me say that the comment period for the proposal of a “North Connector” has been extended for an additional 30 days. We will accept comments until April 8th. Comments will be included in the final report.” - Supervisor Brown.

Previous article by opponents of the "North Connector” study: http://prescottenews.com/index.php/community/item/29523-williamson-valley-chino-valley-proposed-connector-road-study

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