Great Weather This Week

18 June 2019   Dr. Mark Sinclair
Weather will be lovely this week.

Weather Discussion:

More typical boring June weather this week. Thursday and Friday will be a little windy and will be followed by a slightly cooler than normal weekend.

Additional notes for the weather nuts out there:

I’ve added sea surface temperature (SST) and anomaly maps for the Gulf of California (GOC) to our website. These are updated daily and are at http://meteo.pr.erau.edu/daily/pmap_sst_cortez.gif under daily products. According to a scientific journal article co-authored by our very own Dr. Dorothea Ivanova (Mitchell, D. L., Ivanova, D. C., Rabin, R., Brown, T. J., and Redmond, K., 2002: Gulf of California sea surface temperatures and the North American monsoon: Mechanistic implications from observations, J. Clim., 15, 2261– 2281), monsoon precipitation can commence once SSTs in the northern GOC exceed 29ºC.  Currently, northern GOC SSTs are only between 23 and 27ºC. Keep watching these to see how our monsoon season unfolds.

Have another wonderful week,


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