Colder But Clear This Week

28 October 2019   Dr. Mark Sinclair
Pull out the winter coat, it’s going to be cold this week.

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Weather Discussion: 

This week’s weather will feature markedly colder but clear conditions. No precipitation (or cloud for that matter) is in the forecast. Highs will be in the fifties through Thursday, although Wednesday will not get out of the forties, with lows in the teens in many areas Thursday morning. Those with frost-sensitive plants and outdoor water pipes should take precautions against freezing. This will be an unusually cold event, possibly even breaking October date records in a few locations. Those planning on cranking up the fireplace or wood-burner for the first time should check that their flues and chimneys are clear and free from dead cats or other such detritus J  and that smoke alarms are working.

Temperatures will warm again Friday through the weekend. 

Additional notes for the weather nuts out there:

Wildfires in California are often fanned by Santa Ana winds, which are warm and very dry downslope winds. These winds originate in high pressure systems over the Great Basin that create northeast flow that pushes air toward the west coast. As the air descends, it warms by more than 5 degrees per 1,000 feet of descent due to compressional warming. These Santa Ana wind events are most common in the fall and early winter months. Unfortunately, these winds typically arrive at the end of the summer drought before winter precipitation has had a chance to dampen fuels. Santa Ana winds are forecast for southern California and parts of northern California today and again later in the week.

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