YC Police Officer Helps Disabled Student Repair Broken Wheelchair

27 February 2015   Kim Kapin
Yavapai College Police Department exemplifies the spirit of “Community Policing”

The police “Community Based Policing” Model is alive and well at Yavapai College. As demonstrated by Senior Officer Larry Klempner, who was called to assist a handicapped student that had fallen out of his wheel chair on the Prescott Campus, after the front wheel of the chair had broken.

When Officer Klempner arrived at the scene, he found freshman student Damien Rock on the ground attended by two YC athletic trainers.

“Fortunately, he wasn’t injured,” recalls Klempner.  “He was returning to the Marapai dorm from the cafeteria when a wheel broke on his chair, causing the fall.”

Officer Klempner assured Rock that he would get the chair fixed and immediately went to work searching for the part.  He eventually found it at Alliance medical supply in Prescott.  After hearing about the student’s mishap, customer service representative Jackie Johnson refused to accept Officer Klempner’s personal payment.   

“It felt wonderful to be able to donate the wheel,” says Johnson.  “Sometimes, things come up that people don’t expect, and it’s nice to be able to help.”  

Officer Klempner who has been an Officer in Arizona for about 30 years said “I became a police officer to help people in my community and Yavapai College strongly embraces this philosophy”. “Over the years I have found that the Prescott business community supports our efforts completely”.

As for Rock, he says he wasn’t expecting the help he received.  “I would like to thank Alliance and Officer Klempner.”