Sen. Flake: So Just How Broke Are We?

14 September 2017   Elizabeth Berry
A series to illustrate the size and scope of the growing national debt

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) today illustrated the size and scope of the growing national debt. So just how broke are we?

This week, Apple announced their latest version of the iPhone, the iPhone X. Everyone knows being up on the latest technology comes at a price, and for the new iPhone X that price will be $999.

The United States is so broke that its $20.2 trillion national debt could buy 2,022,0220,220 iPhone X’s – that’s enough for every American – all 323.1 million of them – to receive 62 iPhone X’s per person.

“A $20 trillion national debt is app-solutely unacceptable. Congress needs to stop phoning it in and get Siri-ous about this crisis it has refused to FaceTime and time again,” said Flake. 

Flake’s Debt Buy-Down Act would empower every taxpayer to mandate up to 10 percent of the hard-earned dollars they send to Washington be spent exclusively on paying down the national debt. Had the Debt Buy-Down Act been law in 2016, taxpayers could have directed as much as $137 billion toward reducing the national debt. Flake first introduced the Debt Buy-Down Act in 2010, when the national debt was $13 trillion. For more information on the bill click here.