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23 November 2017  
Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving - stuffed with delicious goodies and lots of love!

Grocery stores don’t typically put out ads on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Sprouts and Frys run their prices through today from last week’s ad. Safeway’s ad prices expired yesterday.

However, Fry's does have several digital deals for Friday - Saturday. 

Turkeys are still on sale. It’s a great time to stock up, so if you haven’t gotten that extra turkey for the freezer (or two or three), go do it now. 

We found the best price for turkey to be at Walmart. Jennie-O brand for $.68 lb., and Butterball Turkeys are just $.98 lb.. You might have a tough time getting it thawed in time for tomorrow, though. (See information below on what to do with frozen turkeys.)

Also, this is the time to check out the stores for last minute markdowns. A couple of years ago, one of the meat managers in a local store whispered in my ear that frequently on Wednesday and Thursday fresh turkeys get marked way down. “There’s nothing like a fresh turkey on Thanksgiving,” he said with a smile. “Don’t tell my boss I told you about that!”

So, if you can sneak away, go take a gander and see if there are some unexpected grocery bargains at your nearby store.

Store Hours on Thanksgiving:

Frys: 5 AM - 5 PM They will re-open at 5 AM on Friday.

Safeway: 5 AM - 5 PM They will re-open at 5 AM on Friday.

 Sprouts: 7 AM - 4 PM Reopening at 7 AM on Friday.

WalMart: Open 24 hours

Costco: Closed

Final Resource on All Things Turkey

Today’s article is your resource on all things turkey. 

Butterball Turkey Line

In 1981, Butterball realized that sometimes people need help with their last-minute turkey trouble. So, they set up a Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, which is still going and active today. But, they’ve modernized the service and you can now text your question to the friendly folks at Butterball. 

Wondering what the most asked question is? How to defrost your turkey. According to the New York Post  between November 1 and December 24, they respond to over 100K calls. 

According to Hotline Co-Director Nicole Johnson, they’ve answered all sorts of questions. " People ask if they can thaw their turkey with an electric blanket, a Jacuzzi and even in the dishwasher on the rinse cycle — none of which work.

Johnson said one panicked father called on Thanksgiving Day, and she could hear splashing water in the background. “In an effort to multitask, he was bathing the kids and soaking the turkey in the tub together!”

Here’s all the Butterball contact information you might need:

Butterball: Website Facebook | Twitter | YouTube 

Butterball text number: 844-877-3456

Overall Instructions


Tips & Tricks


How to cook a completely frozen turkey for Thanksgiving


How much per person?


Cooking Time Guide


Music while you cook - Spotify’s Turkey Timer - Really?

Now you can rock’n’roll through your Thanksgiving Dinner prep.


Basting Advice


To Baste or Not to Baste?


Turkey FAQs


How to Carve a Turkey

No Baste, No Bother Turkey


Simple & Easy


Alton Brown: Romancing the Bird

Gordon Ramsey: A British Turkey

This turkey is very different from the American traditional bird. 

An entire Thanksgiving Dinner in less than 2 hours


Perfect Turkey


Turkey Gravy

Because there’s more than one way to make gravy, right?





Brined Turkey

Brining is the big trend in turkey cooking, but if you haven’t started your brine process yet, it may be too late. However, you still have those extra turkeys in the freezer, right? 

So, take a look and plan your next turkey. Here are several recipes to choose from:



Make Up Your Own Turkey Stuffing

Here are my suggestions for making turkey stuffing. And yes, we personally stuff the bird at our house, but we also make a side dish. 

First, you need a main ingredient with some bulk to it:

Corn Bread
Other breads - if you choose this, get funky here. Try sourdough, or flavored breads

Second, you need some veggies - choose your favorites, ignore the rest:


Third you need flavor. Again, choose your favorites, but omit what you don’t like:


Fourth you need herbs and spice. Add as much or as little as you like. You might want to go easy on salt and pepper, because people can add those on their own.

Cinnamon (Go easy here. Just a pinch.)


1. Prepare your main ingredient. If it’s some sort of bread, you’ll need to break it up. If it’s rice, you should cook it, using chicken broth instead of water, but you might want to add veggies to it as it cooks. Plan on at least 2:1 water:rice. I use a mix of different varieties of brown rice with a little wild rice tossed in. Because of that, it takes at least an hour, maybe longer to cook. 

2. If you’re using giblets or sausage, cook it first. Add to the main ingredient. Saute’ the other veggies in olive oil and then mix in with your main ingredient.

3. Stir in the herbs and spices you’ve chosen. 

4. If you have some salad tongs that are like scissors, they work quite nicely to stuff the bird with. If not, just use a large spoon. Don’t pack it in, fill the cavities loosely. 

Many experts do not recommend stuffing the turkey. You can always put in a side dish, and then baste it with turkey juices before putting it in the oven to warm it. If you choose to stuff the bird, please find and read safety measures:


More Stuffing, Ideas galore:




Happy cooking!

It’s Friday. My kitchen is still full of food. Now what? 

Remember, we don’t call ‘em 'leftovers' here. We only have ‘derivatives’! And if you fix your derivative turkey in a variety of different ways, you will find your family has a lot more patience in eating it up!


A different kind of turkey! We've got hummus in the bowl, and the face is the bottom of a red bell pepper.

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