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The 'You Gotta Do This' Bucket List for 2012

15 January 2012  
12 activities to get you outta the house, outta the car, and on your feet to explore this great corner of the world we all call home!

"You Gotta Do this", is a compilation of the weekly radio Program, hosted by Barry Barbe on KJZA – 90.1. Each week, we go on a different High Country adventure, as we explore our little corner of the world, and the people and businesses that make it all happen." This week on "You Gotta Do It", we had a brief recap of the past eight months, and created a punch – or, Bucket List of the top 12 things You Gotta Do for 2012!

When we started this program, on KJZA Radio, the idea was for myself and my son Jacob, who is 15, to get out and do some fun stuff together. Jacob, who is basically an overachieving Techie, does all the editing and sound for the program.

We started out by going Crawfishing with Game and Fish out at Goldwater Lake. Eric Gardner, and one of his associates from Game and Fish put the traps out the night before – and we spent the day at Goldwater collecting Crawfish.

The kids got to log the size and sex of all the crawfish we caught – about 120 total, and then we moved to the patio at Monk's and cooked 'em up! Tasty!

We also had the opportunity to go Kayaking at Watson Lake with Dave Wheeler from Manzanita Outdoors, we trained for the Skull Valley Loop challenge – a 54 mile road bike ride from Iron Springs Road through Skull Valley and back up the Spars into Prescott.

Some of the other activities involved visiting the Heritage Park Zoo, Paintballing on Thumb Butte with Sean Jerrolds and bunch of guys from Embry Riddle – a tour of the Public Art in Prescott, visited the Prescott Farmers Market, took a Haunted Tour of Prescott, got the insider story on brewing beer at the Prescott Brewing Company, and even learned to intuitively speak with our animals among other things.

2012 Bucket List

So … for 2012 … We're giving you a Bucket List of things to do for 2012.

Starting with January, You Gotta go Skiing in Flagstaff at Arizona Snow Bowl – www.arizonasnobowl.com. Rate are $43.00 for a ½ day,and $59.00 for a full day – plus rentals.

brightangel wikipedia3February – You Gotta go to see the musical Carousel at Prescott Center for the Arts. www.pfaa.net. Tickets start at $13.00 and the show runs from February 14th – March 4th. Tickets make a great Valentines gift 'cuz you get to two days of romance for 1! You buy the tickets, give them to your valentine on Valentines Day, and then you go have dinner and see the show a couple weeks later.

March – This is the time to hike to Wolf Creek Falls in Prescott. This is a great afternoon to spend outside with the kids. The hike is fairly easy, and the falls and pools are great for the kids to explore.

April – Another hike is in your future as you head to the Grand Canyon to hike the Bright Angel Trail. This is another great hike. Pretty easy, but not too easy. he views are incredible and the Springtime is one of the best times to visit the canyon. To find the Canyon – head North.

May – You Gotta Go Crawfishing at Goldwater Lake! Traps cost about $10.00 each, and you need to buy an annual fishing license for $65.00 – Easy to catch – easy to prepare – tasty to eat!

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June – This is the time of year when all your relatives come to town and you gotta think of some creative things to get them off the couch. Montezuma Castle, at exit 278 off 17 is a great way to take in some history and enjoy some great scenery at the same time. I'd suggest packing a picnic lunch and heading over to the Trout Farm in Sedona afterwards – a great day.

July - Horseback Riding at Foothills Ranch. Foothills Ranch is located on Highway 69 between Cordes Lakes Junction and Prescott Valley. www.foothills-ranch.com

August – This is a complete freebie! Head out onto your porch, deck or front yard – or if you are feeling a little more energetic, head out to the Dells or Thumb Butte, Once in your comfy place – look up in the sky to the NE, and your gonna see a Persieds Meteor Shower. Of course, you gotta head out between Midnight and Dawn to catch it – but bring along a bottle of wine and someone special … and you're there!

September - This one is a bit of a trip. Water Skiing at Lake Powell! Now, you can also rent a house boat, jet skis, or just hang out a bit. 


October – If you have not been to the Verde River lately this is the time to go! To go … Fishing! You gotta get your day permit at the Wal-mart for $16.25. Also, you should "friend" Verde River on Facebook! This area is its' own little eco system out at the Perkinsville Bridge.

November is the perfect time to head out to one of our local vineyards to taste some Arizona Wine! My suggestion is Page Springs Cellars Vineyards. Located at 1500 N. Page Springs Rd in Cornville – a 5 taste flight is just $10.00. Grab a couple couples, make one the DD and enjoy the day at Page Springs Cellars – or try Granite Creek Vineyards in Chino Valley.

With so much going on in December .. with Prescott being Arizona's Christmas City… how about adding an old fashioned touch to your holiday by heading out to the Prescott National Forest to cut your own Christmas Tree. Tags are available at the Big Five Sportings Good Store in Prescott Valley.

So there ya got it. Your top 12 "You Gotta Dos for 2012!" That is one event every month to get you outta the house, outta the car, on your feet … and outside exploring this great corner of the world that we all call home!

Check out audio programs on Facebook at You Gotta Do This, and every Saturday at 11, and Sunday at 12;30 on KJZA Radio 90.1. For live streaming go to www.kjza.org.

A special thanks to Jeb Blan with Altitudes AZ event guide for helping me put together this list, Lynne LaMaster with Prescott eNews, Tom & Craig with KJZA, and my son Jacob for putting up with me and putting the shows together.

Have a great New Years, and remember … You Gotta Do This! Now, make your own top 12 list!