Watters Garden Center celebrates mothers at 57th Annual Mother’s Day 
San Martin Rodriguez sits down with Ken Lain to talk events, Monster trucks and gardening, of course. 
How to plant, grow, and use herbs.Easy-to-grow herbs.Best herbs for local landscapes.Top 5 herbs for a mountain garden.
How to use rosemary, an easy-to-grow herb. Rosemary for cooking and for fragrant décor around the house.
Prescott Frontier Rotary's Fundraiser Breaks All-Time Record at Watters Garden Center
Stop wasting money on plants that animals find tasty. Easy to grow rabbit- and deer-proof flowers.
The last possible date for frost in Arizona. How to protect plants from cold nights. Possible freeze and frost warnings and what they mean for the garden. When to start spring planting. Free gardening classes at Watters Garden Center.
How to prune fruit trees. Overgrown revitalized through pruning. Steps to proper pruning, food and sprays. Free shipping when buying directly from the far.
It’s the best opportunity you’ll ever have to see raptors up close and very personal.
Flowers designated to celebrate birth months.  Blooms for especially significant birthday gifts.
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