Flowers designated to celebrate birth months.  Blooms for especially significant birthday gifts.
​Trees – Shady 6 for Mountain Landscapes
How to plant a container garden. For easy gardening choose the right container size, style, and material. Best planting techniques for successful containers with trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables.
Plants that rarely need water. Easy to care for Yavapai friendly plants.
Evergreens need to be very hardy to survive in Arizona’s mountain areas.
Low to NO water use flowers for easy care.  Xeriscape perennials that thrive on neglect.  Easy to grow flowers that spread like wildflowers.  
Set your reminders now. At 2 PM on both Saturday and Sunday, Watters will hold their Great Ladybug Release.
These are my favorite spring show-off shrubs.
Ladybugs are the natural way to control aphids, scales, mealy bugs, white flies and mites.
It’s a little red beetle that helps control unwanted pests. 
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