Small Plants for Rock Gardens. 
Simple ways to water plants while you're away.  

Plants that Promote Better Sleep

 Best 6 plants that help you sleep better.  How they affect your sleep habits.  
Always forgetting to water? These varieties are perfect matches for their absent minded owner
The inside scoop on ice melt products, both pro and con. How to use de-icers without damaging plants, pets, and birds.
Sustainability: Food in the Desert
Savings galore at Watters.  As the nursery transitions to autumn plants and evergreens, sale prices are used to move out remaining spring and summer plants.  ‘Monster Monsoon Sale’ starts this weekend!
Low water landscaping doesn’t have to be desert-like.  Best native plants by color for the colorful native garden. Low water, low-care plants.
How many, how much space? 

Cold Front Headed Towards Northern Arizona

Don’t put away your winter jackets just yet.