Sales, Menus & Recipes: Diet Roundup

23 January 2020  
Diet Round Up

Two diets we haven’t explored yet are the Mediterranean Diet and the Nordic Diet. These two diets have several features in common. Both emphasize the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Both encourage fish consumption and the reduction of red meats. Both prescribe a decreased consumption of processed foods and sugar. 

While there are many similarities, there are some differences. One of the goals of the Nordic Diet is to make the human diet more ecologically friendly. It would have us replace significant portions of our animal proteins with plant protein. Also it stresses consumption of berries, which are particularly good fruits because they contain both fiber and antioxidants.

One of the prescriptions of all the diets we have covered is to cut out as much sugar as possible, especially processed fructose (as in corn syrup.) It is pretty shocking to check the contents of baby formulas and find the high amounts of sugars in many. Other items high in these sugars are sodas and sports drinks. If you are interested in the scientific and biological basis of this particular aspect of diet try watching “Sugar—The Bitter Truth” (This video takes over an hour to watch, and your eyes will glaze over in spots. The information is valuable, but if you like sugar, it’s depressing. You’ve been warned!)

Final Word on Diets

So what conclusions can we draw from all the diet stuff we've been discussing this month?

1) It’s probably better to try to improve the health in your diet by changing only a few things at a time.

2) Most people revert to their old eating patterns after a while, especially if they try to make radical changes. One suggestion is to keep a food diary (try MyFitnessPal.com - it's free!) for a week or so to determine a baseline. Then cut back on calories by about 10-15%. 

3) Don’t neglect exercise, among other benefits it is a great stress reducer. However, unless you're a power athlete, don’t expect it will make a huge difference in weight loss.

4) Eat lots of plants. Eat fiber with your carbs. Buy local if you can. Prescott has a very good Farmer’s Market which is even open in the winter.

5) Check the nutrition labels and the ingredients on packaged foods, there are a lot of hidden sugars, fats and sodium out there. Make it yourself if possible, which will give you more control over the sugars, fats and sodium that is in the food.

Special Sales This Week

Fry’s—3 x Fuel Points on Produce, Floral, Meat, and Seafood, with card and special digital coupon from Fry’s App or Website. Buy 5 or more get $1 off each item. Items include Turkey Hill Ice Cream $1.99/48 oz, LaCroix Seltzer water $1.99/8 pk, and Harvest Snaps $.99/each. There are also a number of $1/each items, Starkist Tuna Pouches, Totino’s Party Pizza and Colgate toothpaste.

Safeway—Special Digital Coupon is for B/S Chicken Breasts, $.99/lb , limit 8 lb.  $5 Friday on 1/24. Deals include Deli Roasted Chicken, Primo Taglio Roast Beef or President Swiss Cheese $5/lb. 

Sprouts—Reminds us that they also have digital coupons, but you will have to go to their app to see what they are, as they generally only advertise in their ad the prices available to everyone. They will also send special deals via text notifications if you sign up for it.

National Days

1/22—Blonde Brownie Day
1/23—Pie Day 
1/24—Peanut Butter Day

1/25—Irish Coffee Day
1/26—Green Juice Day
1/27—Chocolate Cake Day
1/28—Blueberry Pancake Day

Meal Suggestions for this last week in January
(pick and choose from each category!)

Main Dish

Beef Pot Roast Instant Pot or Slow Cooker
Roast Chicken
Chick Pea Stew (Vegetarian)
Garlic Shrimp Spaghetti

Salads and Sides

Winter Citrus Salad with Honey Dressing
Green Salad
Winter Salad
Quinoa Roast Vegetable Salad


Peanut Butter Pie
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Snacks, Breakfasts and Drinks

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
Green Juice
Blueberry Pancakes
Irish Coffee

Video Recipes

Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Pot Roast in the Instant Pot

Chick Pea Stew

Easily made Vegan or Vegetarian. Don’t believe what she says about the liquid in the chick pea can. This is actually a useful cooking ingredient called Aquafaba  especially good for vegan baking

Garlic Shrimp Spaghetti

Quick and Delicious

Winter Citrus Salad with Honey Dressing

Winter Salad

Feel free to use torn up romaine now. You can put pomegranate arils (seeds) frozen too.

Quinoa Roasted Vegetables Salad


Peanut Butter Pie

Try with chocolate crust and sprinkle chocolate curls over the top. For a more luxurious pie, sub real whipped cream for the whipped topping.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

How to Blueberry Pancakes

Oatmeal Pancake

For a breakfast feast, blueberry these. Or use the same technique with other fruits like raspberries.

Green Juice

With a Juicer

Without a Juicer

Irish Coffee

Don’t want the alcohol? Add a little vanilla or other extract to the coffee. It won’t taste the same, but it will be good. Use care when combining caffeine with alcohol. You might not “feel” the alcohol as much as you otherwise would, and the combination may also result in a serious headache. Just saying.

On Sale This Week

Beef Roasts—$2.97/lb @Safeway, b/l chuck, eye-of-round, cross rib. $2.97/lb @Fry’s, b/l chuck. 
Beef Steak—$4.77/lb @Safeway, b/i ribeye. $2/97/lb @Fry’s b/l chuck, $7.99/lb @Fry’s, b/i ribeye. $7.99/lb @Sprouts, b/l New York or top sirloin, $14.99/lb @Sprouts, b/l ribeye
Chicken—$BOG1 Free, @Fry’s, Simple Truth Full Line Sale.
Chicken, Whole—$.97/lb @Fry’s
Chicken, B/S—$.99/lb @Safeway, breast,  with digit. coupon, first 8 lb. $1.99/lb @Fry’s, breast or  thighs.  $1.99/lb @Sprouts, Tenders or thighs
Fish—$5.99/lb @Fry’s, fresh tilapia fillets. $6.99/lb @Sprouts, fresh Atlantic salmon fillets. $8.99/lb @Sprouts, fresh trout or catfish, farm raised. 
Shell Fish—$8.99/lb @Sprouts, Jumbo (16-20) raw gulf Shrimp, $12.99/lb @Sprouts, Colossal wild north Atlantic sea scallops. $13.98/2 lb bag @Safeway, Raw Shrimp (fz),  (16-20).

Blueberries—$1.97/18 oz @Safeway, 1st 2.
Strawberries—$1.25/1 lb box @Fry’s
Berries—$1.25/box @Sprouts, Blueberries, Blackberries, Red Raspberries. $2.50/box @Sprouts, Blueberries, Blackberries (O)
Mandarin Oranges—$2.50/2 lb bag @Sprouts. $3.99/3 lb bag @Safeway
Navel Oranges—$.89/lb @Fry’s. $.98/lb @Sprouts, or Cara Cara. 
Cantaloupes—$1.98/lb @Sprouts, jumbo
Red Mangos or Maridol Papayas—$.98/each @Sprouts
Grapes—$.88/lb @Fry’s, red. $2.98/lb @Sprouts, red globe (O)
Avocados—$1.25/each @Sprouts, jumbo. $.98/each (O). $3.24/4 ct bag @Fry’s (wi. digital coupon) 
Tomatoes—$.98/lb @Sprouts, Roma. $.99/lb @Safeway, Roma.
Greens—$5/1 lb box @Safeway, Organic Blends. $3.34/bag @Fry’s Blends. $.99/bunch @Fry’s, Kale
Bell Peppers—$2.99/2 ct bag @Fry’s, (O), $.50/each @Safeway, green
Potatoes—$.99/lb @Safeway, russet. $2.99/1.5 lb bag @Fry’s, gourmet (small)

Other Good Deals

Cheese Crisps—$3.49/pkg @Sprouts, cheddar or parmesan
Soup—$.99/each @Fry’s, Campbell’s Chunky (when you buy 8 or more)
Cinnamon Rolls—$1/4 ct box @Safeway
Salad Dressing—$2.50/each @Sprouts, Brianas
Cereal—$2.49/box @Safeway, Raisin Bran (with coupon)
Yogurt—$2.49/24 oz tub @Fry’s, Greek God’s



Cindy LaMaster