On Sale This Week: Strawberries & Other Produce

01 March 2012  
Use these great sales to save money and prepare yummy dishes!

Comparing Prices This Week On: Strawberries

Starting this week we will feature a comparison of one item that all three major stores have on sale.

Strawberries - Fresh for Spring

Fry’s - four one lb. boxes for $5 ($1.25 each) - Best!

Albertsons - a 3lb. box for $3.99 ($1.33/lb)

Safeway (Friday only) a 3lb. box for $5 ($1.66/lb) and every day $3/lb

Watch the video at the bottom of the page to see some strawberry recipes.

The Best Price

Another new feature of this column - helping you find the best prices on common items.

Milk - Albertsons or Safeway store brand @$1.57/gal.

Eggs - Safeway, Lucerne 18 count @$1.99 (with coupon)

Bread - Safeway, Sara Lee white or honey wheat @$1.99/loaf

Chicken - Fry’s, Foster Farms whole chicken @$.77/lb

Asparagus - Safeway @$.99/lb

Avocados - Albertsons @$.77/each


Fry’s Bargains

Meat and Seafood

  • Foster Farms Whole fryers $.77/lb
  • Boneless Chuck (steak or roast) BOGO*
  • Bar S meat franks $1/each


  • Apples, several varieties $.99
  • Cucumbers 2/$.99
  • Green bell peppers 2/$.99
  • Radishes 2/$.99
  • Green onions 2/$.99
  • Oranges and tangelos $.49 lb.
  • Pineapples - whole or cored $2.99 each

Other Grocery

  • Progresso soup - 4 for $5 ($1.25 each)
  • Kroger yogurt - 3 for $1
  • Yoplait yogurt, 32 oz., $1.99
  • Kroger butter $2.29/lb.
  • Tide or Gain laundry detergent, 50 oz., $4.99
  • Lay’s potato chips, 10 oz, $2.99

Albertsons Bargains

This week Albertsons is having a Buy 8 Save $4 event. Buy any 8 of the items with a special green tag and get $4 off instantly. You have to buy exactly 8 (or 16 or 24 etc.) items to get the savings. It is best to participate only if there are 8 items you really need or want. A sale on something you won’t use isn’t much of a sale. Among the items this week are:

  • Albertson’s Purified Drinking Water--$2.49/case
  • Malt-o-Meal cereals--$1.77/box (21-27oz)
  • Microwavable Velveeta or Mac and Cheese--$.49
  • Kraft Mayo--$2.99
  • DiGiorno frozen pizzas--$4.99

Meat and Seafood

  • Petite Sirloin - Buy one get Two free
  • Boneless chuck. bottom round or cross rib - BOGO
  • Atlantic Salmon fillet, $4.99/lb
  • Pork sirloin chops, boneless, $1.99/lb


  • Monterey mushrooms, whole, sliced, white, brown, 8 oz pkg, $2
  • Squash, Italian, yellow or grey, $.99/lb
  • Fresh Express romaine or spinach, $2 each

Other Grocery

  • Coke products, 12 pk, 4 for $12 (must buy 4)
  • Single count cakes pieces or 4 ct cupcakes, $1
  • Yoplait yogurt, 6 oz, $.50
  • Also, Foliage plants, 4in. $1each

Safeway’s Bargains

$5 Friday only sale

  • Hormel pork tenderloins,18-24 oz, $5 each
  • Artisan Cream Pies, 9 in, $5 each

Four Day Sale - Friday-Monday

  • Oscar Mayer Basic Lunchables, $.99 each
  • Fresh Flounder Fillets (weather permitting) $3.99/lb
  • Smithfield Premium Bacon, 1lb, BOGO

Meat and Seafood

  • Pork sirloin chops, boneless, $1.69/lb
  • Fresh 90%lean ground beef, $2.99/lb
  • Pork whole shoulder roast, bone in, $1.87/lb


  • Russet Potatoes, $.79/lb
  • Tanimura and Antle Wrapped leaf lettuce, several varieties, $.99 each

Other Grocery

  • Lay’s potato chips BOGO
  • Mission tortilla chips BOGO
  • Anthony’s whole grain pasta, 4 for $5
  • Campbell’s canned pasta $1

Featured Safeway coupons this week (must have coupon to get this price)

  • General Mills Cereals, select, including honey nut Cheerios--$1.99
  • Oscar Meyer lunchmeat, 7-9oz, $2.49
  • Pepsi or 7up, 2 liter, $.88
  • Hunt’s canned tomatoes or sauce, limit 4, $.89


BOGO means buy one get one of equal or lesser value free

All prices at Safeway and Fry’s require store card. No card needed at Albertsons

Chocolate Strawberry Recipes

Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries


Fresh Strawberry Tart


Cindy LaMaster