On Sale This Week: A Brisket, A Brisket

08 March 2017  
Brisket—Two Cuts, Many Styles

Brisket is the name of a cut of beef which comes from the chest area of a cow. Because this area supports a substantial amount of weight and is involved in walking, the meat requires a long, low, temperature cooking time in a moist environment to make it tender. In a supermarket, our only choice in Prescott, it is usually available in two forms, an already cut point or flat cut, already “corned” or cured (pickled), packaged in a spiced brine. Sometimes it is available un-processed, and sometimes you can buy a whole brisket in-bag. The difference between the “point” and the “flat is that a flat cut is leaner, usually larger and often less expensive. A point is smaller, less even in shape and contains more fat and connective tissue. (There is also a corned beef round, which is a different cut of beef but is treated in much the same way) 

There are two main ways of cooking brisket. One is basically a pot roast (including slow cooker). This is the New England Boiled Dinner or Corned Beef and Cabbage. The other is the smoke and wrap of the Texas Barbecue.

It is not difficult to produce a corned beef brisket from scratch, but it does require a bit of time, 5 to 10 days, and one or two specialized ingredients. For an extremely full and scientific explanation watch;http://amazingribs.com/tips_and_technique/curing_meats.html. I have not been able to find a local source for Prague Powder #1, which is a form of saltpeter and gives corned beef its pink color. It is available on line from several sources. As you will see from the Pintrest Board, there are many different ways to approach brisket. It is said that the number of brisket recipes in Texas equals the number of cooks in Texas. ;Alton Brown’s explanation and recipe given below is more slanted toward the average home cook.

One bit of advice I found in my researches is that it is possible to reduce the saltiness by first rinsing the brisket very well then letting it sit covered in cold clear water for an hour or so. Then proceed with your recipe.

On Sale This Week 3/8 through 3/14 (or 3/15 at Sprouts)

As always, a membership card is required to get sale prices at Fry’s and Safeway. No card is necessary at Sprouts. All three stores have digital coupon programs. See store websites for details and to sign up.

Don’t miss Sprouts Prescott Grand Opening next week, 7a.m. March 15.


Deal of the Week
$.87/lb—Asparagus and Strawberries (limit 4)

$.77/lb—Roma Tomatoes
$1.88/each—Cantaloupes or Personal size watermelons
$.99/2—Cilantro or Parsley bunches
$.50/each—White onions
$.99/lb—Green Beans

$1..57/lb—Pork, Boneless half loin, whole in bag, limit 4
$2.97/lb—Beef, Boneless roasts, eye, tip, bottom, chuck

Other Good Deals
$1/box—Kraft Mac and Cheese, select varieties
Buy One Get One Free—Enteman’s doughnuts, select varieties

Fry’s has a very extensive Buy 5 items get $5 off sale—must buy in multiples 5 to get these prices, many items including:
$1.79/each—Nabisco snack crackers, select varieties
$2.49/each—Kroger cheese, select varieties
$1.88/each—Kellogg cereal, select varieties
$.99/each—Snap Pea Crisps
$2.49/each—Kraft Mayo, select varieties
$2.99/each—Chobani greek yogurt, 4pks


Deal of the Week
$1.27/18 count carton—Eggs, Lucerne

$.88/lb—Grapes, Red or green, seedless
$99/each—Artichokes, jumbo, Available only on just for U
$.99/each—Red bell peppers
$1.99/lb—Tomatoes on the vine
$.99/bunch—Kale, organic, assorted varieties

$1.77/lb—Chicken, boneless, skinless breasts
$5.77/lb—Beef, T-bone or New York steaks, bone in, family pack
Buy One Get Two Free—Pork, center cut loin chops or roasts, and Pork , tenderloins or fillets
$5/lb—Lamb, loin chops, family pack
$6.99/lb—Tilapia, fresh, farm raised

Other Good Deals
$5/lb—Ham, Eckrich or Primo Taglio Provolone cheese, sliced fresh in Deli
$5/lb—Jennie-O smoked turkey, Genoa salami, President Swill cheese, sliced fresh in Deli
$2.50/12 pack—7-up, select varieties
4 for $10—Kellogg’s products, cereals, and other items Buy 4 get 1 gallon Carnation Milk Free
$2.50/each—Herdez salsa, On The Border tortilla chips, select varieties

Buy Four and Save—must buy in multiples of 4 to get prices given, many items including:
$1.27/each—Soup, Campbell’s Chunky
$1.88/each—Lays and Doritos chips, select varieties
$2.49/lb—Challenge Butter


Deal of the Week
$.69/lb—Green Seedless Grapes

$.50/lb—Potatoes, red
$.33/lb—Cabbage, green
$.50/lb—Roma Tomatoes
$.98/each—Celery Bunch or 1 lb bag baby carrots
$.98/lb—Cara Cara Oranges

Organic Produce
$.98/each—Chard, Green or Rainbow
$.98/lb—Cauliflower or Bunched Broccoli
$2.50/bag—Grapefruit, 4 lb bag

$1.49/lb—Pork Shoulder Roast
$2.99/lb—Chicken, Boneless, skinless, thighs, breast tenders, breasts
$4.99/lb—Lamb, Grass Fed shoulder chops
$4.99/lb—Beef, London Broil or Top Round Roasts, Arizona Grown

Other Good Deals
$.50/lb—Oats, bulk bins
$5.99/lb—Pistachios, roasted, salted or unsalted, bulk bins
$1.99/ lb—Dried Cranberries, bulk bins
$3.99/lb—Walnuts, dark chocolate, bulk bins
$1.25/each—Sigis Icelandic Style Yogurt, for additional savings get coupon here;http://siggisdairy.com/coupons/
$2/each— Nut Thins Crackers by Blue Diamond
$4.99/each—Coconut Oil, Sprouts Organic, 14 fluid oz, refined or unrefined
35% off—Celestial Seasonings Teas, select varieties
$3.50/each—Arctic Zero frozen dessert, 1 pint, select varieties
$2.99/each—Irish Soda Bread, fresh baked, 17 oz.


Corned Beef Brisket by Alton Brown

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Texas Style Smoked Brisket

Texas Style Oven Roasted Brisket


Corned Beef Hash

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