Money Alert: Sell Your Home for More Now

09 March 2013  
How to maximize the sale price of your home.

Good morning, on this snowy day in Prescott, AZ. I'm Gary Edelbrock, and I've been talking to my friend, Lee Amble, who thinks this is going to be a good year for sellers in the real estate market. He's got some tips on how to maximize your sale price. Enjoy!

Money Alert: Sell Your Home For More Now!

Written By: Lee Amble, Consultant, Realtor

There are many things homeowners can do to sell their home faster and for more net money. Some of the ideas come from my 37 years of selling real estate and others are coming from what car dealers do with used cars to make them saleable and for more money. These ideas will really be simple and should be very productive. Let's look at a few.

Pre-home Inspection

Let's do a presale home inspection, which we will call a home fax, like a car fax. This should be available to any prospective buyer, which, after their purchase, can utilize it as a homeowner's manual. It also gives the seller the chance to fix any needed repairs in advance. The items that could detour the final sale and closing could cause the sale to be lost due to not completing simple fix up items in advance before marketing your home. With the presale home inspection report, you are able to market your home as a Certified Inspected Home by a licensed home inspector.

Rehab, Refurbish, Recondition And Detailing:

Call it what you want, but look at it as an auto dealer does. Detailing comes first before showings. There are many lipstick, powder and paint items that do not cost a lot, but can bring you huge rewards. Some of them are:

  1. Professional carpet cleaning and deodorizing.
  2. Painting any interior rooms that need it! Always use neutral colors.
  3. Replace any and all broken mirrors, window glass and/or screens and be sure to use a professional window replacement company, and also a professional window washer to clean the inside and outside windows.
  4. Fix any dripping faucets, replace any & all filters, furnace and water devices, etc.
  5. Remove excess items and clutter by putting them and furniture in your garage or rent a storage unit. Another possibility is a garage sale! When you do the above, it makes the rooms appear bigger. It also helps the carpet cleaners do a more thorough job.
  6. Simple staging: Any seasoned successful realtor can aid you in this.
  7. For Sale by Owner: If you intend to sell your home on your own, ask the same price as if listed with a realtor. Otherwise you'll have nothing to negotiate your selling price. Remember, you also have liabilities that go with your For Sale by Owner transaction. Buy some manuals or go to the library and study what your responsibilities will be. Also, ask your neighbors for prospects, talk to a title company and lender for more ideas that will, in the end, be helpful to you.
  8. For Sale with a Realtor: Use only a seasoned realtor or team that has been in our area for a long time and ones that have proven selling records. Realtors sell nearly all homes through our Multiple Listing Service, which, of course, allows many more realtors the advantage to show and sell your property. By doing that, it many times leaves the seller with more net profit and less liability. Do not ask for discount selling fees as they normally don't get as many showings and you would get less money. Believe it that you may get a better net price by paying a larger fee as the number of showings should increase and, therefore, get better offers in a faster time.

Conclusion and Summary:

  1. Pre home inspection and new homeowner's manual.
  2. Detail your home.
  3. Accurate pricing.
  4. Remove clutter and do some simple staging (including closets, cabinets, etc.)
  5. Complete the lipstick, powder, and paint items.
  6. Have copies of your lot size and floor plan, if possible.
  7. Paint where needed.
  8. Professional carpet cleaning, deodorizing, and hardwood, laminate and tile cleaning.
  9. Yard and shrubs require cutting, trimming, and yard clean up.
  10. Outside appeal aka street appeal is a must!
  11. Have all rooms appear light and airy, including the foyer.
  12. Open drapes, blinds, etc. to achieve more light.
  13. Garage doors should be closed at all times as many homes are driven by before looking.
  14. Lights on (especially in dark areas) for showings.

These are all very simple and not very costly for the return on your money. Think like the auto dealers selling used cars

There are so many more items I can share with you, but these are the real basic items and real money makers with no large cost to you.

Good selling! This will be a very good year for most sellers.

These are my thoughts. Make your own decision on what to do. I hope this "Food for Thought" article will give you some items to think about. Thank you for reading! If you have any further questions or ideas for articles you would like to read in the future, please call me! The call is free and so are my ideas!

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