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Save Money, Sell Faster With Experienced Realtors

21 September 2013   Lee Amble
Save $10 To $25,000 When Selling A Home!

Well, that's at least what one research of 10,000 home sellers proved to be right.

There is a reason all of my articles end with this very saying: "Remember, experience isn't expensive, it's priceless". Having sold real estate in Prescott for 32 years, I'm one of the old timers. When I was issued my MLS ID number, it was 502 and still is. Now the MLS numbers are somewhere in the 8000 range. There are about 1000 active realtors now; What happened to the other 7000 or more?

The research findings I'm discussing were gathered over a period of 10 years. It comes from Longwood University of Fenville, VA, and looks at 10,065 sellers. The study was broken into three groups:

  • A group of realtors that had property listings
  • realtors with 2 years experience or less (called rookies)
  • agents who have been active for 2 years to 10 years or more, (called veterans).
  • The study was published in the Journal of Housing Research in May 2012.

    Of course, I was once a rookie, so this is something we all have gone through; not all survive the real estate business. We all know that practice becomes closer to perfection and that is not a knock against rookie agents, or those with less selling experience.

    I believe that realtor training is sub par by comparison to the past. We used to do much more hands on training. Now, most training is done on internet and the web rather than person to person seminars. In my opinion, the lack of hands on training is significant.

    Some Benefits of Working With a Veteran Realtor:

  • Veteran agents sell homes for 12.4% more than those with less than two years of experience.
  • Veteran agents are 1.6 times more likely to successfully sell a listed property.
  • Veteran agents sell homes 32% more quickly than less experienced agents.
  • Veterans list more new properties, larger properties, and more townhouses and condominiums.
  • Source: Journal of Housing Research, May 2012.

    One of the reasons veteran realtors do much better is that experienced realtors have a greater knowledge of neighborhoods and a larger network of buyers and sellers as well as relationship with home inspectors, lenders and appraisers, and others in the industry.

    Most veteran realtors also learn that taking overpriced listings usually end up as a no sale and is just a costly, wasted effort for both the realtor and the seller. It is the biggest reason property does not get shown and sold.

    Last and not least is, experience has taught us veterans how to deal with consumers behavior and emotions. Residential real estate is really an emotional transaction. It's about understanding and knowing the experience level that veteran real estate agents brings to the table.

    Thanks for reading! I do hope this will give you some things to think about. If you have any further questions or ideas for articles you would like to read in the future, please call me. The call is free and so are my ideas!

    Remember, "Experience Isn't Expensive, It's Priceless!!" and "Selling A Home Is Easy, Doing It Right Is The Key!"

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