Selling Your Home? How to Prep for the Winter Market

03 November 2016   Steve Cask
Need to sell your home? Here are some tips and tricks to make the sale go smoothly. 

You have decided to sell your home. Now its time to interview Realtors and get the house ready. But its coming into winter, which is our historically slow period of the year.  Over the next few weeks we are going to take a look at some tips on how to prepare your home to make the best impression possible year-round, although especially here in the winter, you need to make your home stand out to the smaller supply of buyers. 

This week we are going to focus on curb appeal.  The very first thing a prospective buyer will see is the outside of your home, which is the “curb appeal” and it makes a huge difference. It's common that a buyer won’t even get out of the car if the curb appeal isn’t there.  

In the winter your large landscaped yard can look like a wasteland of leafless trees and shrubs. Take the time to deal with all the new debris that have landed on the ground and in your gutters.  Look for ways to spruce up the front. We just added a fall lawn flag and put a few evergreens in our pots to make our entry look more appealing. A quick trip to Watters Garden Center could easily land you some great ideas to make your winter landscape look great. 

This home could use some curb appeal lovin'.

Walk around your house and identify areas that could use a good cleaning or repair, evaluate your priorities such as touch-up paint, refreshing the front door paint, screen repairs. It’s a great time to get your roof inspected, and make sure your fences and walls are in good shape.  Look for opportunities to reduce clutter especially on your rear porch/deck and in your storage shed.    

Be careful to not go overboard on holiday decorations. What looks like your perfect Christmas lighting plan could be perceived by others at the Griswold’s house from National Lampoon.  Check out all of your exterior light fixtures and ensure that the bulbs are working and that the glass isn’t dirty, with less day light and sometimes gloomy days it’s not unusual for buyers to see your house with exterior lights on.

A few other tips: Get your windows cleaned, buy a new front door mat, and if you find that a project or repair is too big or something you are not comfortable with call Sandy at the Yavapai County Contractors Association for a referral to a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Contractor.

Keep in mind, you might save a few hundred dollars not fixing something today that could cost you thousands in an offer from a prospective buyer or, even worse, cost a sale because of a bad home inspection report.

Next week we are going to discuss what to do on the inside of your home before you put it on the market to ensure you get the highest offer in the shortest time possible.

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