Non-Traditional Star-Spangled Banner

27 May 2013  
Nope, you've probably never heard the Star-Spangled Banner sung quite like this before. But, it's gutsy and comes from the heart. After columnist Bill Press commented, "The Star-Spangled Banner is stupid and embarrassing," the band, Madison Rising, decided to do something about it.  Comedian Daniel Tosh's statement that, "No one has the Star-Spangled Banner on their iPod," didn't change their mission. "Let's show Press and Tosh - ane everyone else - that we still believe in this country and our national anthem," the band says in a WND article. "This band is on a mission to not only make great music, but also send a messager that American culture is alive and well." They want to get to 5,000,000 views by July 4, and have issued the Star-Spangled Challenge to that effect. A great message for Memorial Day and beyond. Turn up your speakers (or down!) and enjoy.
Lynne LaMaster