Using a Torch to Burn Weeds is Never a Good Idea

22 March 2018   Rick Chase, Fire Marshal Central Arizona Fire and Medical
A residential structure fire was started by a propane torch.

On March 21, 2018 at 2:00 pm Central Arizona Fire and Prescott Fire Department responded to a residential structure fire in the 2000 block of Iron Springs Road in Prescott, AZ.  A resident was using a propane torch to burn weeds and pine needles throughout the landscape rock on his property.  The burning pine needles and leaves carried the flames to the home where the fire got behind the wood siding and started burning inside of the wall.  Firefighters were able to cut and remove several sections of the siding and quickly extinguish the fire.  The resident wasn’t aware that propane torches could not be used in this area for weed abatement. 

As a reminder, residential burn permits can be obtained online at cazfire.org or the City of Prescott website.  They are free of charge and are good through the calendar year they are obtained.  They must be activated and de-activated online or by calling the number on the permit.  It is extremely important that residents follow the rules on the permit.  We are quickly approaching the time of year where red flag conditions and extreme fire danger will be present and all types of burning will be suspended unless a special use permit for commercial purposes is obtained from your local fire agency.

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