AZ #1 Pro-Life State

17 January 2019  
Arizona Ranked Most Pro-Life State in the U.S. For Second Consecutive Year

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX– Representative Nancy Barto (R-15) today praised Arizona for being named the most pro-life state in the country for the second consecutive year by Americans United for Life.

Americans United for Life last week introduced their 2019 Life List, a list ranking all 50 states on their support for pro-life legal protections for human life. Arizona was named the most pro-life state in the country for passing legislation to require reporting of demographic and abortion-related complications data.

“For the second year in a row, Arizona has been named the #1 pro-life state in the nation because of our tireless efforts to preserve life and women’s health across the state,”​ said Representative Nancy Barto (R-15). “I am grateful for my fellow pro-life advocates in the Legislature, members of the legal community, and the concerned public who support the right to life and that work to keep Arizona at the top of the list.”

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