Arizona Style: Daylight Saving Day!

10 March 2019  
Yes, we return once again to that irrelevant event known as Daylight Saving Time. 

Here in Arizona, of course, we are confident enough to ignore the national foolishness of flipping clocks around in a futile effort to gain “more” sunshine. We have lots of sunshine and are fully appreciative of that! 

(Insert note of logic here: The sun doesn’t really care what time your clock says it is. The sun is gonna do its thing, regardless.)

For your convenience, here is a non-exhaustive, ‘Call Your Relatives and Friends Time Guide”. These times will be effective until Sunday, November 3, when everything changes again.

  • Hawaii: 3 hours behind
  • Alaska: 1 hour behind
  • California, west coast, Nevada: Same time as Arizona
  • Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming: 1 hour ahead
  • Texas, Chicago, Iowa, New Orleans: 2 hours ahead
  • Indiana, Ohio, New York, Washington, DC, Florida, Georgia: 3 hours ahead

Need more information? Just go to Google and type in, “What time is it in ***” and use the city or state you want to know about instead of asterisks. 

In the meantime, we have created a video for your viewing pleasure:

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