Martha McSally Stops in Prescott During 15-County Tour

18 March 2019  
About a week before Christmas, Governor Doug Ducey appointed Representative Martha McSally to fill the vacant Arizona US Senate seat. 

When Senator John McCain passed away last summer, former Senator Jon Kyl stepped in to fill the void. But, he always maintained that he was committed only to serve through the end of the year, at which point he would make a decision as to whether or not to continue through 2020, at which time there would be a special election.

Senator Kyl, who will be 77 at the end of April, stepped down in December, creating the opportunity for Governor Ducey to appoint Representative Martha McSally to fill the rest of the term.

Those who have met Senator McSally are not surprised that she has hit the ground running. Having just recently served in the House of Representatives, there were still some bills that needed to be ushered through the Senate to President Trump’s desk for a signature. And now she’s 

Not only did McSally get up to speed quickly in her role as Senator, she also managed to stop in for a fast interview at the eNews studios while in Prescott on Friday afternoon. 

Listen in as Senator McSally talks about her efforts in Washington, what she is focused on next, the committees she serves on and how honored she is to serve the citizens of the State of Arizona.

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