Kind Defined Amazing in Action Workshops

17 April 2019  
Kind Defined is a local non-profit who wants to bring noticeable ripples of kindness to the Quad Cities.

“We raise awareness in children by showing actions that they are currently taking or ones they can take to make a difference.  We encourage the children to become leaders in kindness in their communities and within their spheres of influence,” Kara Peterson, executive director.

Kind Defined holds Amazing in Action workshops, with a different theme each year.  These workshops are offered at no cost and are are specifically programmed for ages 7-10.

Goods from the Garden will be doing a food workshop and teach the children about healthy food choices.  Then the participants will assemble their own lunches based on their preferences.

Art on the Ranch will be doing an art lesson incorporating collaboration, Haitian techniques and acts of kindness.

The day is going to be full of games and activities that reinforce listening, collaboration and empathy, as the children will be in teams and need to help their team, “Escape the Desert Island.”

Quote from parent of previous participants:

"I have taken my son and daughter to Kind Defined events and have seen a lasting positive impact on them both. They’re learning wonderful social skills and life skills in a friendly, adaptive and supportive environment. As a parent, I also enjoy volunteering my time and developing relationships with like-minded adults with hearts to serve families, and the community as a whole. We all look forward to the next adventure at Kind Defined".

Sincere Regards, 

Christine Petersen

Please register your child for the Prescott workshop, being held at Skyview Elementary on Friday, April 19 from 9-4, Goods from the Garden at the Gateway Mall, April 22 from 9 - 4 or our Prescott Valley workshop, being held at the Prescott Valley Public Library on Monday, May 4 from 9-3 at KindDefined.org.

Kind Defined encourages others to take part in small acts of kindness to create a large ripple effect within the community. Kind Defined was established in March, 2018 and is proud to be an Arizona Tax Credit Eligible non profit.  There are many committees and opportunities to join the “kindness movement” if you are interested, please call: Kara Peterson, 928-582-1012.





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