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10th Annual Prescott Film Festival Ends Tonight

15 June 2019  
It’s Saturday, June 15, and that sadly, means the 10th Annual Prescott Film Festival (PFF) is coming to an fanciful end on the wings of… pelicans???

Yes, there is plenty to see and enjoy today, and if you haven’t been to the Film Festival yet, you’ll want to go and see what PFF is all about. 

The first thing you need to know is this: It’s not your normal blasé’ movie-going excursion to the movie theater. It feels magically immersive somehow, almost as if you are part of the films on the screen. Often the moviemakers are in attendance and quite happy to answer audience questions. 

Secondly, the Prescott Film Festival has a decidedly international flair. Not all the films are from the US. For instance, the final film tonight is from Australia. Most are in English, although some occasionally are captioned. 

Don’t expect to see expensive blockbuster movies with bazillion dollar budgets at the PFF. Of course, some of those sneak in once in a while. But most of the time, these are movies born of a passion, projects that the filmmakers know in their gut they simply must make. Money is painstakingly raised, sometimes extra mortgages are placed on homes and every friend and family member has been hit up for money. These movies are organic in concept, filmed on a shoestring - no, a hairline - budget. But ask the filmmakers - they had no choice but to make this movie.

The next thing you’ll want to know is that nearly every viewing includes at least one short plus a feature length film. Sometimes, however, this is a rule that is broken. Like today. 

Starting at 10 AM, you can watch 6 Documentary Shorts, but there is not a feature film at that showing.

At 12:30, the feature-only showing promises to bring one of the most popular, favorite films of all time to a very enthusiastic audience. Plan to be at the Performing Arts Center for a sing-a-long viewing of The Sound of Music. Afterwards, Kim Karath (who played Gretl in the movie) will be the special, featured guest. 

25 Texans in the Land of Lincoln is a Southwest Premiere film for the PFF, and it starts at 4:30. Filmmakers will be available via Skype. It’s accompanied by the feature film, Bias.

Finally, Storm Boy closes out the Festival. It’s a story about a boy that becomes special friends with a pelican. This film was reviewed by the Hollywood Reporter, and while I don’t want to be a spoiler, I can tell you they said this, “The Bottom Line: Hard to Resist.” It is accompanied by the short, 'The Wonder.'

After the showing, the awards should be announced and there is a Cabaret Party sponsored by El Gato Azul. What that means is that the food will be excellent!

So, to sum it all up, if you haven’t been to the Prescott Film Festival yet this week, today is the day to treat yourself. It’s your last chance this year to to experience this wonderful celebration of the world of independent filmmakers. Tickets are $13.

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