Representative Noel Campbell: 'No Plans to Seek Reelection' in 2020

12 July 2019   Chris Kuknyo, for Citizen's Tax Committee
Breaking News from Citizen’s Tax Committee

In a legislative briefing Wednesday at the Citizen’s Tax Committee’s monthly meeting, State Representative Noel Campbell confirmed that he is unlikely to seek reelection to a 4th term in 2020. Campbell stated that he was holding off on a final decision until December but wanted to give potential candidates for the LD1 seat plenty of time to consider their prospects and organize their campaigns.

In 2018, the three-term Representative from LD-1 was the highest vote getter in the state for a legislative race. Campbell cited family considerations and frustration over excessive partisanship in the state legislature for his disinterest in a 4th term. Representative Steve Pierce, Campbell’s current seatmate, has stated he will not seek another term in the state legislature. If these decisions hold, both seats in the heavily Republican district will be open in 2020.

Among this session's major accomplishments for LD1’s legislative delegation, Representative Campbell cited permanent funding for Prescott’s pension liability for the Granite Mountain Hotshots, funding for extra lanes on I-17 from Anthem to Black Canyon City, and a roll back over the next two years of ADOT’s unpopular vehicle registration fee. Among the challenges next year, Campbell, who chairs the House Transportation Committee, cited additional funding for roads and highways.

A second guest speaker, County Supervisor Craig Brown spoke on the county’s plan to build a new $80 million Justice Center in Prescott, which will necessitate an increase in property tax assessments across the county. County Supervisors also want to renovate the current Yavapai County Detention Facility on Gurley Street, which serves as a holding facility for detained persons with court appearances in Yavapai District Court. The facility also houses the County Sheriff’s Office, the County Attorney’s Office, and the county Probation Department.

The plan outlined by Supervisor Brown is to eliminate the holding cells on the top floors of the building to make room for additional office space. The Public Defender’s Office, currently housed on White Spar Road, would move to the Gurley Street building. Detained persons with court appearances would be held at a new facility to be constructed on county owned land on Prescott Lakes Parkway. Plans call for completing the 138 bed facility within the next five years. However, the county plans to raise property taxes now so the design process can begin.

In 2014, county taxpayer’s voted down a $300 million tax to finance a new jail in Prescott. The current plan does not require voter approval.

The Citizen’s Tax Committee (CTC), is a civic organization devoted to fiscal responsibility and accountability in government throughout Yavapai County. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 1pm at the Residence Inn in Prescott and are open to the public.




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