Market on the Move Today - Saturday July 21

20 July 2019  
60 pounds of food for just $10

Market on the Move is a food distribution event held the third Saturday of every month at the Mountaintop Christian Fellowship, 660 Sixth Street, Prescott. 

Starting Saturday July 21 the cost is reduced to $10 for up to 60 lb. of food, mostly produce. 

There are no questions asked and each customer chooses the items they want and the quantity they want (subject to some limits on scarce items.) We have no way of knowing ahead of time what will be available.

If you can’t use 60 pounds yourself, share with friends, family, church groups or others that can use the food.

Market on the Move is supported by the 3000 club, a Phoenix-based organization that tries to ensure usable food is not wasted.

We would also like to encourage community members who have more garden produce than they can use to bring it to the Sixth Street location by 7:30 on the third Saturday so it can be shared with others.

Food has been distributed at the Sixth Street location for about 22 months now. At first the cost was $15 for up to 60 lb. of food. the $15 was necessary to pay for the truck to bring up the food from Phoenix. Now there will be an additional distribution point in Dewey. Because this will reduce transportation costs the price for our customers is now only $10. 

For more information Call Mountaintop Christian Fellowship at 828-925-1785 10 AM to 2 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

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