DeMolay Students Single Handily Raise $400 in School Supplies before School Start

15 August 2019   Ken Davis
DeMolay students raise funds for school supplies.

 More than 100 gathered for Arizona's DeMolay Convention on the Yavapai College Campus before the start of school. Their mission, to build leadership skills, self-development and encourage fellowship and fun among brothers. 

The weekend-long convention for young men ages 12-20 was filled with leadership training, motivational speakers, and fun-packed events that lift men, with part of the lessons being how to give back. 

Their core service project was to fill backpacks with school supplies and promptly hide them throughout the Yavapai College campus. A creative scavenger hunt using smartphones was then created to find every school filled pack. Over $400 of school supplies were raised for local Prescott schools. Ms. Mattox stated, "working through PUSD Family Resource Center I bring things to students in need, and school supplies are high on the list as school starts. On behalf of Prescott Unified, I thank the boys of DeMolay so very much."

Linda Bennett from Humboldt Unified School District remarked: "This is awesome, thank you very much, DeMolay."

"We go out of our way for our host cities every year. This validates DeMolay's core values of leadership, respect, and that tangle 'X-Factor' that sets our members apart." says Chris Weber, State President of DeMolay. "Arizona's youth need a way to set themselves apart as leaders who are assets to any college or job they apply. 

For more information about Arizona, DeMolay go to AzDeMolay.org.

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