Structure Fire Caused By Propane Heater

03 December 2019  
Many propane heaters are not meant for indoor use. 

On December 2, 2019 at 11:30 p.m. Central Arizona Fire responded to a residential structure fire in the 14000 block of E. Bradshaw Rd. in Dewey.  Crews arrived on the scene to find a two story detached garage with an apartment above with one occupant at an upstairs window and smoke coming from an adjacent upstairs window.  The crew made a quick entry into the structure and rescued the occupant from the second story.  The fire was extinguished and firefighters checked for fire extension throughout.  

The occupant, a male in his 60’s had a possible medical emergency and knocked the propane heater over onto the wood floor starting a fire.  The upstairs residence quickly filled with smoke and fortunately the occupant was able to call 911.  Lifeline Ambulance transported the occupant to YRMC with non life threatening injuries. 

We want to remind everyone that propane heaters such as the one in this residence last night (see similar heater example in picture) are not intended for use in enclosed buildings. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a great risk to occupants of the building as well as the potential to start a fire.

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