Bald Eagle Closure Lifted at Lynx Lake

29 April 2020   Debbie Maneely
The eagles are not nesting at this time.

PRESCOTT, AZ – April 28, 2020 – The Prescott National Forest will lift the closure restrictions and open the John’s Tank Trail on the east side of Lynx Lake on Friday May 1st. The trail has been closed to public entry since December to provide protection to nesting bald eagles. The closure is no longer needed to protect bald eagles because they are not nesting at this time.

Bald eagles have used Lynx Lake as a nesting site for the last twelve years. The Forest Service closed the area east of the lake to minimize disturbance to the eagles. For six of the past eight years, eagles have successfully produced young eagles.

A lot happened with the eagle territory this season. A new male challenged the resident male for his mate and territory. The resident male was injured by the new male and taken to Liberty Wildlife for rehabilitation. After a health assessment, he was found to have lead in his blood and was treated for this to help him regain his strength. When he was returned to Lynx Lake, the female was with the new male. The resident male had been fitted with a transmitter that will allow the Arizona Game and Fish Department to track the adult bald eagle’s movements and migration routes.

“While this situation was not ideal for the bald eagles at Lynx Lake, managers were able to get the eagle the care it needed to recover and had an opportunity to learn more about adult bald eagle movements in and around Arizona in order to better manage habitat for them” said Wildlife Biologist Noel Fletcher.

The Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and Arizona Game and Fish Department would like to thank everyone for their cooperation while the closure was in effect.

If you have any questions about the bald eagles and their management on the Bradshaw District, please feel free to call Noel Fletcher at (928) 443-8020.


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