Pinal County Considers Litigation To Compel Distribution of CARES Act Funds

15 May 2020   Pinal County
The meeting is to take place at 10 AM Friday morning

Pinal County Board of Supervisors to Discuss Litigation to Compel Distribution of CARES Act funds from State of Arizona

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors will be holding a Special Session on Friday at 10 am, to discuss and decide upon pursuing litigation to compel distribution of CARES Act funds to Pinal County, Pinal County Cities, Towns, and other County organizations from funds allocated to the State of Arizona.

The CARES Act is the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, of which the State of Arizona was allocated $2.82 Billion from the Federal Government. Counties and cities with over 500,000 population were able to ask for and have received their portion directly from the Federal Government, totaling nearly $1 Billion.

In contrast, those counties and cities under 500,000 - Pinal County has an estimated population of 462,789 - must receive their allocation of the remaining $1.9 Billion from the State of Arizona. Pinal County has, to this point, received nothing, despite repeated requests to the Governor’s office.

As part of the hearing, the Board of Supervisors welcome public comment from Pinal County businesses or organizations impacted by COVID-19.

Arizona Counties with populations less than 500K:

Apache, 71,518 population*
Cochise, 131,346 population*
Coconino, 134,421 population*
Gila, 53,597 population*
Graham 37,220 population*
Greenlee 8437 population*
La Paz 20,489 population*
Mohave 200,186 population*
Navajo 107,449 population*
Pinal 462,789 population (estimated)
Santa Cruz 47,420 population*
Yavapai 211,033 population*
Yuma 195,751 population*

*These populations are based on the 2010 census

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