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$100K of Gold Coins Stolen

20 February 2014  
Theft in excess of $100,000

On February 11, 2014, YCSO deputies were called to a home in the 600 block of North Old Coach Road, Dewey, regarding a theft of gold coins. The 84-year-old victim told deputies he discovered 88 gold coins, each 1 ounce in weight, were missing. The estimated loss was in excess of $100,000 and the theft occurred sometime between October 2013 and January 2014. The coins had been kept in a safe and he believed his ex-girlfriend, 59-year-old Cheryl Clement, might have secretly obtained the combination allowing access to the coins.

The victim explained that in August of 2013, Clement moved out of his home and by then, knew his daily routine and when he would be out of town. Additionally, the victim was recently contacted by Clement’s daughter who suspected her mom was in possession of gold coins belonging to him. When the victim checked his safe following this conversation, he confirmed 88 gold coins were missing. His last inventory had been several months prior. The victim never gave Clement access to the safe or coins.

The case was referred to detectives from the Criminal Investigations Bureau. Their investigation revealed Clement had purchased several vehicles from a local car salesman she was dating beginning in August of 2013, and provided gold coins as payment in some of those transactions. Detectives eventually located a 5th wheel trailer purchased locally by Clement which has now been seized as evidence. Detectives also tracked down several of Clement’s friends who received gold coins from her which they cashed out to purchase various items, including a Harley Davidson motorcycle in one case. Some of the victim’s gold coins were traced to various gold and coin shops in the Prescott area. Only 3 coins have been recovered so far.

Yesterday, detectives learned Clement was already in-custody resulting from a Prescott Police arrest on an unrelated case. YCSO filed new charges which include Burglary, Theft, and 5 counts of Trafficking in Stolen Property. Bond has been set at $150,000. Clement has denied the theft. A search for the vehicles purchased by the suspect is ongoing.

If anyone has additional information regarding Clement’s activities involving these stolen coins, please contact Detective Dave Zavos at 928-771-3260 or Yavapai Silent Witness at 1800-932-3232. Refer to case number 14-005307.