HAZMat Enforcement Called During Late Narcotics Investigation

12 March 2014  
 Breaking... HAZMat techs called in during a PANT investigation. 

CHINO VALLEY, AZ- Chino Valley Fire District crews were called in to support Partners Against Narcotic Trafficking (PANT) officers on Tuesday night during a PANT investigation on Tumbleweed Drive.

“This was a law enforcement call and we were called in as a support measure,” said CVFD Battalion Chief Mat Mayhall. “Our crews supported hazmat techs from PD. The Hazmat crew went in after PD noticed some suspicious looking items when law enforcement went into the house.”

In addition to the PANT officers and CVFD’s two engine crews, deputies from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office and officers from the Chino Valley Police Dept. were on scene.

No details on why PANT was originally at the home were released at this time.

PANT is a multi-agency task force charged with drug enforcement within Yavapai County.

More details to follow...