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Rescue of Scouts Underway

15 June 2014  
DPS Ranger takes off to ascertain status of stranded hikers.
A Scout Troop that was stranded overnight is being rescued this morning. 

Update, 10 AM: The 70-year-old male has been rescued and is being airlifted to a Camp Verde area hospital regarding cardiac issues --- further updates expected ---



The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, along with Ranger helicopter crews from the Department of Public Safety, are currently working to rescue 3 stranded men from the West Clear Creek area several miles off Bull Pen Road, Camp Verde. The 3 were part of a Boy Scout Troop hiking in the area. One of the men is 70-years-old and due to a prior medical condition, was unable to hike out from the rugged terrain. He is believed to be in the company of his son and grandson who remained with him overnight. The current focus of rescue teams is to secure this individual by way of an airlift and obtain immediate medical treatment. The trio is apparently located at the base of a steep canyon.

Background – Yesterday, just before 3 pm, YCSO was notified that a Boy Scout Troop consisting of 4 adults and 8 teens had not returned to a previously scheduled and designated location as agreed. Attempts to reach the group by cell phone were unsuccessful. A search effort began including air support from DPS Ranger. Just after 6 PM, DPS Ranger located the group. All but 5 were able to walk out to safety and meet with a ground team from the Yavapai County Sheriff Response Team's Back Country Unit. Two from the troop, a father and son, elected to remain overnight and are being escorted out this morning. The other 3, which include the 70-year-old male, remained overnight pending rescue efforts at first light this morning.