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YCSO K9 Saved by Donated Surgery

23 September 2014  
Prescott Vet donates Procedure to Save a YCSO K9

Recently YCSO K9 Deputy Randy Evers took his companion and law enforcement partner, “Neo,” to the veterinarian out of concern the K9 was not eating and acting very lethargic. A mass was discovered in Neo’s abdomen and there was fear it could be cancer. In order to check the mass, surgery would be required and the cost would nearly eliminate the budget designated for vet care involving the complete K9 team. Neo was also close to retirement, so there was consideration to wait and see how Neo fared on his own.

Enter Dr. Brice Smith, owner of Mile Hi Animal Hospital in Prescott. Dr. Smith did not want to let Neo suffer further believing in a possibility the mass was something other than cancer. After consulting with Deputy Evers and the K9 support team, Dr. Smith offered to donate his time to complete the surgery.

During the surgery, Dr. Smith discovered that the mass was actually a section of tennis ball lodged in Neo’s intestine. Since the operation, Deputy Evers states that Neo acts like a new dog and is fully alert. Deputy Evers and the K9 team are extremely grateful for Dr. Smith’s willingness to act quickly and relieve Neo of the obstruction while determining that cancer was not a factor – and all at no cost.

On September 18, 2014, Lt Dan Raiss and Deputy Evers presented Dr. Smith with a plaque expressing immense gratitude for his efforts.

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