Got Bees? Safety Tips

16 June 2015   Rick Chase
In case you come across bees, here are some tips on how to respond.

This time of year generates numerous 911 calls for bees.  Please see the following safety tips regarding bee hives or swarms.

  • If you see bees don’t go near them.
  • Do not disrupt a bee hive or swarm.
  • If you are allergic to bees, carry the proper medication.
  • If you encounter a swarm, cover your face, run away and take shelter.
  • If you get stung by a honeybee, immediately remove the stinger by scraping the area with a fingernail, credit card or other sharp-edged tool (the honeybee's stinger has little hooks on it to keep it in your skin!). Avoid using tweezers, since squeezing the stinger can actually pump more irritating venom (poison from the attached venom sac at the end of the stinger) into the skin. Get the stinger out as quickly as possible to lessen the amount of venom that gets into the skin and to lessen the reaction, which usually includes swelling, redness, pain and itch. Apply ice to reduce the swelling and apply a topical anesthetic, such as Lanacane® Anti-Itch Creme, to quickly reduce the pain and itch. The swelling will go away if the area is left alone - so don't scratch it!
  • If bees are aggressive or pose a threat to people or pets call a local bee keeper or 911.