YC Roughrider Fans Have Plenty of Choices on Saturday

05 September 2015  
Roughrider fans rejoice! This weekend offers plenty of choices in sporting events for devotees to enjoy. 

The Lady Roughriders started out the weekend with two volleyball matches on Friday. They did not prevail against Lee College in their first match of the day (0-3), but they bounced back and grabbed a victory from Seward County in straight sets to win, 3-0. 

Saturday's Schedule


4 PM: Yavapai College vs. South Mountain

Where: Yavapai College Gym


6 PM: Yavapai College (#2) vs Phoenix (#17) 

Where: Mountain Valley Park, Prescott Valley


It’s a doubleheader!

3 PM: Yavapai College Roughriders vs. Phoenix Heat
5 PM: Yavapai College Roughriders vs. Phoenix Heat                        

Where:  Bill Vallely Field


10 AM: Yavapai College vs. ASBA

Where: Roughrider Park

Lynne LaMaster