Agriculture Monitoring Salmonella Outbreak in Cucumbers

05 September 2015   Laura Oxley
Agriculture Monitoring Salmonella Outbreak in Cucumbers

Department Launches Food Safety Education Month

The Arizona Department of Agriculture is working with state and local health agencies to monitor the recent Salmonella Poona outbreak.  The cases have been tied to cucumbers imported from Mexico and are not tied to any Arizona crops.  Right now there are no Arizona producers shipping cucumbers.

Food safety is a priority for the department which sends inspectors throughout the state to analyze processing plants and fields to ensure the food produced is safe.

“Agriculture is at the root of food safety,” said Mark Killian, director of the Arizona Department of Agriculture.  “The food supply in Arizona and across the United States is one of the safest in the world, because we work to stop foodborne illness before it reaches the consumer.  We are part of an advanced food inspection system that ensures the safest possible food supply.”

The Department is taking part in the USDA’s Food Safety Education month.  Throughout the month we’ll feature our inspectors working in various production plants as they check to make sure the companies are following safe practices.  You can follow the hashtag #IamFoodSafety to learn how the Department protects you from diseases like Salmonella, E-coli and Listeria.

Agriculture contributes $17.1 billion into the Arizona economy annually.  More than 88-thousand Arizona jobs are supported by the agribusiness system. 

With 20,000 farms that cover 75% of the state, most are involved in livestock including beef and dairy cattle; poultry and egg farming; and aquaculture.  About 5,000 farms raise vegetables and melons; fruit and nut trees; and grain, hay and other crops.

Arizona agriculture stands out from other states because we raise a balanced diet.  There are products that fall into every food group.

Arizona’s cotton and cattle help provide the clothes you wear every day.