Arizona Legislative Session Adjourns @ 5:45 AM; HB2107 Passes

08 May 2016   Lynne LaMaster
Arizona Legislature has adjourned.

Head to the Arizona State Legislature website page and you’ll see a big red notice that reads: 

The Arizona Legislature has Adjourned Sine Die. 

Fifty-second Legislature, Second Regular Session: May 7th, 2016 5:45 AM. 

The General Effective date will be August 6th, 2016.

What does that mean? Basically, that all the laws have passed that are going to be passed in this session. The Arizona State Legislature is finished, going home. 

At 5:50 Friday night, Representative Karen Fann texted, “On the floor voting now. Expect to be here the rest of the night.” 

Fann said that House Bill 2107 by Representative Noel Campbell, which addressed Structured Sober Living Homes passed, as did all of hers except one that was still waiting in the Senate. 

Now that Campbell’s bill has passed, and assuming that Governor Ducey will sign it, the City of Prescott will be able to adopt health and safety standards and enforcement mechanisms for Structured Sober Living Homes, which may include:

  • Mandatory registration
  • Supervision requirements
  • Fire safety requirements
  • Square footage and location requirements of the residents’ bedrooms
  • Transportation of the residents
  • Establishment and maintenance of discharge plans for residents, including those who do not comply with house rules
  • Specific qualifications of a house manager, including
    • First aid and CPR training
    • Infectious disease control and prevention
    • Crisis prevention and intervention
    • Self administration of medication certification

On Thursday, Prescott Deputy City Manager Alison Zelms reported that HB2308 which added mine and shell devices, fire crackers and multiple tube mine and shell devices to the definition of permissible consumer fireworks had not passed in the Senate, thanks, in part, to the efforts of Senator Steve Pierce.

 Fann’s bill, HB2238 will allow insurers to offer Identity Theft Group Insurance Policies, to cover “losses and expenses incurred due to a stolen identity event.”

Another bill by Fann, will create the Office of Economic Opportunity, which will “...monitor Arizona’s tax structure, assess monetary incentives and serve as the workforce, employment, economic development, data and labor market information office.”

Governor Doug Ducey Lauds Session Accomplishments

Arizona Legislature Adjourns Sine Die 

PHOENIX —  “This session was about addressing priorities, keeping promises and solving problems. Together, lawmakers stepped up and worked in a spirit of good faith and good government to keep Arizona on a strong and stable path forward. 

For the first time since 2007, we brought our budget to structural balance – and we did it while investing in our vital commitments, protecting our most vulnerable and honoring our veterans. We’ve prioritized our K-12 schools, our world-class universities, child safety and public safety – and we’ve done it without raising taxes on hardworking Arizonans. 

We built upon our accomplishments last year to bring our laws into the 21st-century, embrace the sharing economy and make Arizona more attractive and responsive to innovation. 

We took significant action to keep our citizens, families and communities safe – from ramping up the fight against drug cartels and drug addiction, to bringing justice to victims of crime, to eliminating roadblocks to care for foster children and families. 

We did a lot of good this session – but these accomplishments are not ours. They belong to the Arizona students and teachers, who will benefit from more resources in the classrooms; the families, small business owners and citizens, who will benefit from low taxes, lean regulations, and an excellent quality of life; and the next generation, who will benefit from our efforts to set Arizona’s budget in balance and save for the future.”

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