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Council Agenda To Include Extra Personal Hours for Staff

08 October 2009  
The Town Council will meet tonight to discuss a $283,597 payment and personal hours for staff.


Town Manager Gerald Stricklin.

In today's Chino Valley Town Council meeting, several things will be discussed, including a $283,597 payment to the contractor for the Wastewater Collection, Treatment, and Effluent Recharge Construction Manager at Risk Contract. These funds will come from buy-in fees already received by the town.


The Council will also vote on approving an amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement which established the Central Yavapai County Metropolitan Planning Organization (CYMPO). This amendment will add the Town of Dewey Humboldt as a participating agency.

On the Consent Agenda is a one-time allotment of 16 hours of personal holiday time to full time employees and 8 hours of personal holiday time for part-time employees, to be used in fiscal year 2009-2010 only. According to the Council packet, the town employees did not receive a cost of living increase or a merit increase this year, and so this allocation would allow employees to have a little extra time off work as a show of appreciation. "This would be a 'use it or lose it' benefit that will expire on June 30, 2010 and cannot be paid out to the employee at year end or upon termination."

There will also be a Proclamation declaring October 17, 2009 as "Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes Day," sponsored by the American Diabetes Association; a Chino Valley Historical Moment, presented by Kay Jones, the President of the Chino Valley Historical Society and a Chamber update from Ab Jackson, the CEO of the Chino Valley Area Chamber of Commerce.

On Tuesday night, the Council held a Study Session to discuss a regional fee study on:

  • annexation fees
  • development agreement fees
  • general plan amendment fees
  • development master plan amendment fees
  • general land split fees
  • rezone application fees
  • site plan approval fees
  • use permits
  • variance application fees
  • subdivision and planned area development fees
  • subdivision plat modification fees
  • residential and commercial building permit fees
  • residential water resource and sewer connection fees

The Staff asked for an evaluation of the fees to ensure that they were "appropriate, fair and regionally competitive" according to the meeting notes, feeling that it may allow the Town to be more self-sufficient.

Chamber CEO Jackson and the President of the Chamber Board, Charlie Arnold, each made a presentation to the Council regarding the short term and long term consequences of any potential new fee implementation.

Arnold noted that currently the fees associated with building a $189,000 home in Chino Valley is approximately $5000 more expensive than it would be to build the same home in Prescott Valley, if all the building department related fees, water/sewer buy-in fees and sales tax are factored in.

There were several Chamber members, private business owners and other assorted citizens voicing concerns and offering suggestions. The hope was expressed that the Staff and Council would take into account their concerns and put them under consideration.