Flashback: January 30th to February 5th 2017

06 February 2017  
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Robbery at Prescott Valley Safeway

Sgt. Jason Kaufman of the Prescott Valley Police Department announced on Sunday February 5th around 5am, an unknown white male robbed the Safeway Supermarket at 7720 State Highway 69 in Prescott Valley. According to the release, the suspect was described in his mid 30s while approximately six feet tall and weighing 190 pounds. 
The man was wearing blue jeans and a gray sweatshirt while walking out of the store with seven hundred dollars of merchandise not purchased, the release stated. The manager of the store confronted the suspect outside where the man threatened the manager with a baton but ran away leaving the stolen goods behind, according to the release.
The Prescott Valley Police is currently looking for the suspect and encourages anyone with information to contact the department at (928)-772-9267 or at silent witness by calling 1-800-932-3232.

Full Story:http://prescottvalleyenews.com/index.php/news/current-news/item/9707-robbery-at-prescott-valley-safeway-supermarket

B17 Inspires Young and Old at Prescott Airport

Patrons got to witness a bit of history over the weekend at the Prescott Airport as the WW2 B-17G Bomber was on display. Most have been scrapped but this one remains in tact and now serves as a museum to the past of aviation technology and the men and women who flew the plane. 
Full Story:http://prescottenews.com/index.php/community/aviation-fly-prescott/item/29304-the-b-17g-inspires-young-and-old-at-prescott-airport

Prescott Valley Files Lawsuit Seeking Damages for Library Defects

Heidi Dahms Foster from the town of Prescott Valley announced last week the town has field suit in Yavapai County Superior Court seeking damages against the architect and construction contractor for the joint facility which houses the library, public meeting room, NAU among others following the discovery of leaks in the roof which were weathering quickly after taking occupancy. Following an investigation, it was determined a design flaw and deficient construction lead to the issues, according to the release. The town has been trying to resolve the issues for years but both the architect company and the construction contractor pointed at each as the party at fault after the costs continued to rise, the release stated. 

Full Story: http://prescottvalleyenews.com/index.php/news/current-news/item/9672-prescott-valley-files-lawsuit-seeking-damages-for-library-defects

Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce Quarterly  Breakfast

At the 2017 Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Breakfast on Tuesday, many business individuals in the community spoke a message of hope for 2017 after a strong 2016. 

Full Story: http://prescottvalleyenews.com/index.php/news/current-news/item/9681-prescott-valley-economic-health-discussed-at-chamber-quarterly-breakfast

Prescott High School Girls' Soccer Advances to Semi-Finals

The Prescott High School girl’s soccer team picked up a big win on Saturday beating the Sunrise Mountain Mustangs 3-0 to advance to the semi-finals of the 4A State Playoffs. A victory on Wednesday against Thunderbird would send the Badgers to the 4A Championship Game. 

Full Story: http://prescottenews.com/index.php/sports/high-school-sports/item/29300-prescott-high-school-girls-soccer-advances-to-semi-finals

Northern Arizona Suns Break Losing Streak

Five Northern Arizona Suns players scored double-digit points including two who notched a double-double as the NAZ Suns broke their five-game losing streak on Saturday, beating the Santa Cruz Warriors 108-93 in front of over 2,500 fans at the Prescott Valley Event Center. The Northern Arizona Suns (13-15) will now embark on a long road trip starting with a matchup against the Delaware 87ers (16-14) on Tuesday and won’t return to the Prescott Valley Event Center until Wednesday February 22nd for a matchup against the Windy City Bulls. 

Full Story: http://prescottvalleyenews.com/index.php/sports/item/9703-naz-suns-offense-overpowers-warriors-to-break-losing-streak

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