Prescott Film Festival Brings a Fresh Culture

11 June 2017  
It was a time for music, dancing and laughter. 

Ever walk out of a movie feeling an irresistible urge to burst into song? That’s what happened after watching That Day We Sang at the Prescott Film Festival on Saturday night. 

The story is about a middle aged man and woman from Britain who find that their roots in music blossom into an unexpected romance. Intertwined with song and a bit of dance, the movie brings a smile and a renewed faith that love is not confined solely to teenagers.

Before the movie screening, Senses Pop Up Dinners provided an elegant gourmet dinner, including a delicious salad, braised ribs and opera cake garnished with gold leaf. 

That’s the sort of thing that makes the Prescott Film Festival so special. It’s an event that is about much more than simply watching a movie. Instead, it incubates a film culture - which encompasses all the senses and brings opportunities for learning more. 

Last night, before the screening of That Day We Sang, a short film was played called, “The Fake.” It was a comedy that brought laughter to the theater, but it also provided an opportunity for an insider's perspective from filmmaker Jared Hillman via Skype.  You can watch that conversation here:

On the schedule for today is a series of Student Shorts submitted by Prescott High School and Yavapai College students. That takes place in Building 3, Room 119.

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Score is a film music documentary, which starts at 3 PM. 

That’s followed by Getting Grace at 6:30 PM. 

Monday brings free workshops, all taking place in Building 3, Room 119. Topics include:

  • Working with SAG Actors (3PM)
  • Using Video to Win (4PM)

Monday night the movie, Burn Your Maps will screen at the Performing Arts Center.

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